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Cadbury Freddo Ice Cream Party Cake 1.5 Litre $12 (Save $3) @ Coles


Not for everyone but i love this cake when it's at parties and It's rarely on Sale

Cadbury Freddo Ice Cream Party Cake 1.5 Litre $12

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    True, hasn't changed price in the last 4 months
    Only $1 drop at Woolworths too

    But sorry OP, give me a Peter's ice-cream cake any day of the week!

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        Clearly old enough to appreciate nice things!

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        Fairy bread & ice-cream cake… 2 things that should be a regular occurrence, even after childhood ;)

        I just have the benefit of having 2 daughters lol

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          Guessed that was the case - enjoy their parties🎉

          Adults generally don't allow themselves the time to appreciate the simple joys of being a child. Until they have their own children.

          I ran a business helping people enjoy creativity & problem solving through play.
          A State Manager of a Multinational sat on my office floor playing with toys. He generated an idea for the business worth hundreds of millions in extra sales - in 5 minutes of play😀

          We're never to old!

          Obviously some here are far too serious for my playful comments😂

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        I'm 30 and my fiance is 35.. we bought one just to share between the 2 of us, because we're adults and can do whatever the hell we want. Life is short, eat a nostalgic ice cream cake if you want.


          You do realise I was joking😊
          That's what a winking smiling face emoji indicates. Some people are so serious😉

          Just mass produced ones are not like home made ones specially made to celebrate an occasion.

          We don't need permission to enjoy!
          As I conmented… There's no age limit for ice cream cakes🍰


      Yeah i like that one too but i think this is better of the 2


    pretty average deal tbh


    just be careful not to bite the rock hard Freddo heads.

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    It's for poisoning your children with sugar….then you grow up and realize it's bad for you.
    So neg vote me,I don't care….

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      It's called moderation. Nothing wrong with a little bit.


      Alcohol's way worse, and people don't mostly limit that to birthdays.

      Yet every time there's a post about something with sugar, out come the sugar-phobes!


        Not sure why you're getting downvoted. I mean i'm all for a tipple myself, but people seem to conveniently forget alcohol is a type 1 carcinogen, and technically it's actually toxic, but then its like OMG (profanity) sugar is poison, when it you know, it literally isn't.

        Everything in moderation is generally the way to go, for everything.


    These cakes have carmine in them (colour 120/cochineal/carminic acid), which is derived from scale insects and their eggs.

    Courtesy of the anti artificial-red hysteria.


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