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Peters Summer Favs Bulk 24-Pack (Total 2.1L) $12 @ Coles


Pretty good price.

Product details

All your classic faves in one value pack! Peters Summer Faves has an iconic frozen treat that everyone will love! Perfect crowd pleaser!
• 4 x Drumstick Classic Vanilla Cones
• 4 x Drumstick Boysenberry Swirl Cones
• 8 x Twin Pole Pineapple Raspberry Ice Blocks
• 8 x Icy Pole Lemonade Ice Blocks

Credit to Pricehipster

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  • +1

    Good price but summer faves? Hardly. Are these even top10?

    • That's because it is now Autumn

      • These are not faves in any season

  • +5

    To each their own but the drumsticks are not ice cream, rather calls itself ice confectionary as per the box itself.

    Ice cream must be 10% cream milk fat as per ANZ requirements: https://www.legislation.gov.au/F2015L00424/asmade/text

    • But what about the icy poles?

  • +1

    * Contains nuts

    • *Contains Milk

      *Contains Gluten

      • +2

        Also contains oil and soy. Neither of which are bad but they don't belong in an ice cream. I'm not negging the deal, just saying that these things should not be considered ice cream.

      • 😲

  • +2

    bulking pack indeed

    • Power gut.

  • +2

    Always hated icy pole. It's so plain, it's like the broccoli of the frozen treat range.

    • Yeah 8 of them ruins this box! Needs more cones ;)

    • I think you mean its the vanilla of the frozen treat range. I wouldnt mix ice cream/blocks and broccoli in the same sentence

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