When to Get Car Serviced

Basic question about car servicing schedules.

Should I get my car serviced just at the intervals outlined in the logbook? My car has 51,000 km and would need a 45,000 km and 52,500 km service as per the logbook. However, the sticker from the last service says a service is due now based on time.

Do I need to get a service now? If so, would it be just a minor service?


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    Is it still under new car warranty?

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    If not under warranty, service timing is arbitrary, especially with synthetic oils and seals. It is just the best guess of when things are going to wear out.

    If the latter service contain items not covered by your recently completed service, ie. Timing belts, then you still have a timing belt that the manufacturer has suspected would degraded by now.

    If both those service are just oil change and you're using full synthetic, you could probably let that slide a bit.

    If you are under warranty, you'd best just follow the book if you don't want any hassles making a claim should you need to.


    Hi Andrew,

    Get the 45,000 service done and ask them if the 52,000 is necessary.



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    52k km sounds like an intermediate "optional extra" service, that is likely oil and filter only for "extreme conditions". Highly doubtful it's a proper scheduled service, so shouldn't affect warranty. Without knowing what vehicle this is, can't be 100% though.


      "extreme conditions"

      Australian conditions.

      (Not talking about climate. More so the covering of the rearendus maximus).


    Every 10,000 km or every 6 months is the rule of thumb I believe, whichever is first.

    If under new car warranty, go by the logbook as warranty claims can be rejected on the basis of not being serviced often enough.

    If it doesn't have new car warranty any more, go the 52,000km service and every 10,000/6 months from then on.

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      my car is 12,500km or every 12 months
      so the 10,000/6 months is not accurate accurate as a rule of thumb.

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      And a lot are 15k or 12 months. Until op details car specifics this post is useless.

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      New mazda - 12m/10,000kms. Old Mazda - 6m/10,000kms
      New Toyota petrol - 12m/15,000km. New Toyota diesel - 6m/10,000kms. Old petrol - 6m/10,000kms. Old Camry petrol - 9m/12,000kms

      I could go on, but you get the point, there is no rule of thumb

      I'd generally go with 12m/10,000kms for older petrols if I was recommending to family/friend. Inside warranty, abide by the book


        How about transmission service? Manufactures claim that transmission fluid is lifetime, i dont buy that.
        My 2017 corolla doesn't specify a schedule to change transmission fluid unless its under severe conditions which is 80,000km or 48 months.

        When would you recommend when to service transmission fluid?



          Under severe conditions, at 80000km or 2 years? But it sounds like you know better so get it done annually.

          There’s a bazillion old cars getting around that have never had a transmission service. They still go. By the tine there is a problem the car is worth nothing and you go and get a new one because thebervxe is too expensive.


    Apart from inside/outside warranty, what make is it as well? If its euro, go get it serviced. If its japanese, a few more thousand kms won't hurt - they're built like washing machines, dull exterior but built for long life.


    When the screen goes beep beep and then


    I have an Honda and a Ford Falcon. The Honda suggested to be serviced every 5000k but the Falcon 15000k, that's is according to the schedules.


    Go by the Manufacturers advice as per servicing.All servicing is time based.(months or km)


      I bought a new car with 3 years free servicing . After this past they rang up and said I could get a subsidised service at $350 . That's for a Holden are they joking ?

      Anyway taking Manufacture's advice is ripping yourself off and the point of this post is to find the answer .

      Otherwise they aren't in the business of maximising profits :)


        You do NOT have to go to a dealer to have it serviced.As I alluded to all servicing is “time based”(whichever comes first)I choose to take mine to my local dealer.I also get them to do software updates & regular map updates,which they do free of charge.Sure they make money out of servicing.My last service was $450.(GT Mustang) really could not care less about the cost.Again,your choice where you go.Cheers:):)