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Razer Raiju Tournament Edition Controller $98, Audio Technica AG1X $128 & More @ EB Games


This is my first post sorry if I've missed anything :)

Audio Technica AG1X $128 down from $350 https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/pc/223255-audio-technica-...

Amazon Alexa Echo Plus - Charcoal $160 down from $230 https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/loot/251883-amazon-alexa-...

Razer Raiju Tournament Edition Controller $98 down from $260 https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/ps4/244588-razer-raiju-to...

ASUS Strix XG35VQ 35" Curved Gaming Monitor $800 down from $1,400 https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/pc/239836-asus-strix-xg35...

Definitive Technology Symphony 1 Bluetooth Headset $130 down from $400 https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/pc/246788-definitive-tech...

Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017 - 12 Months, 2 Device PC Add-On (for PC, Mac, Android or iOS devices) $15 down from $130 https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/pc/235080-trend-micro-max...

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    No Razer controllers in any store near me.. seems dodgy

    • I agree with you there, I could have sworn I saw a couple of these controllers in other EB games recently which now show up as "Out of stock"

    • I can see them in stock at Ashfield NSW

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    • Yeah, went picked one up from local store. I had to use Click & Collect in store, as they didn't have the sale price on system and no-one knew what to do about setting the price as online price.

  • Stealth VR200 Virtual Reality Headset $5?

  • +2

    Those definite symphony 1's are steal!!

    • Didn't realise they sold just traditional headphones….

    • Noise cancelling, wireless APTX bluetooth, apparently sound really good. Hard to find all that in $130 headphones so definitely a bargain. Can't see many places selling them but apparently they retailed for USD$399 on release.

    • +2

      The reviews aren't bad, but they're from nearly five years ago - with how far headphones have come, wouldn't I be better putting my $130 towards some WH1000XM3's?

      • Bluetooth 3.1?! These cans are really old. I'd also opt for a more recent pair.

        • I doubt you'll get anything better at this price.

    • Even Def-Tech’s official site says “on-ear”. But they definitely look like over-ear from the photos.
      Can anyone confirm ?

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    Excellent first post

    • Thank You! Really means a lot :)

  • +1


    • No Problem :D

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    Aww got excited about the monitor. Then ran a search and it was $879 with a $50 voucher… a year and a half ago.

    Isn't $800 IPS territory? (I know this is EB Games, but still…)

    edit: they have the Acer X34 @ $899. Same monitor was $931 on eBay also a year and a half ago.

    Not really clearance prices for some of these.

    • I've been considering the 35 & 43 inch XG Asus monitors. iirc there are a couple of 35-38inch IPS panels at 3440x1440 with G-Sync (not the compatibility module) for around $1,300 retail.
      Haven't been seriously looking for specials but might've been tempted to jump on this if I'd been quicker.

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    Also ADG1X is $128. They're the open air version. Apparently just a gaming version of the AD900x which goes for $250-300 at most places.

    • Wow, its an excellent price. I must resist.

      • +1

        I gave in. My AD700 are nearly 8 years old so it was about time to upgrade them :P

        • +1

          You made a good choice, doubt you will ever see it at this price again.

    • Bought a SunCorp gift card and ended up costing $117.76 for the ADG1X

    • Yeah my AD900 around 10 years old. Was thinking of getting these but then i cant use my DAC :(

  • ADG1X Or AG1X?
    Edit: went for the open back ones hoping that they will be cooler over long use.

    • ADG1X will have a more natural sound and bigger soundstage as is common with open air headphones. People will be able to hear them due to the leakage though, that's the only downside.

  • Thanks OP, picked up a pair of Symphony 1 for the flight home…. And the impending third child

  • Cheers OP. Bought the ADG1Xs. Bought the AD700s when the original Black Ops came out, and they were great. Used them for years, then stopped gaming.

    Still don’t game. Probably didn’t need these. Oh well.

  • +1

    As an AD700 loyalist and still use it. I went for the ADG1X glad to have a mic connected directly haha..

    • +1

      I hear the mic is pretty decent too!

      • Haha glad i won't have to use a clip on mic anymore.

  • Price on the ADG1X was too good to not pass up, thanks OP!

  • Also grabbed the ADG1X. Been looking for a decent open back gaming headset that wasn't stuck through USB. My old Plantronics 777s are still great except for the band being held together by gaffer tape and I have to jiggle the volume pot to make sure it outputs to both ears but that's after 9 years of solid use - and it's usb dac with 7.1 emulation is pretty solid, so I can still use that. Although I'm pretty sure the Dolby atmos headphone in windows would at least be as good for emulating surround sound and probably better with a more modern algorithm.

  • Bah, first the headphones i was going to buy had shipping of $5.95 then it went up to $7.95 and now its jumped up to $14.95? Weird? Almost like everytime someone else buys it, they increase the shipping costs.

    • Glad I copped it at $5.95.

      Should receive it in 5 business days, currently processing atm :)

    • +1

      That means it shifted from warehouse stock. Base shipping of $5.95 means it comes from the warehouse, once it jumps up in price it's being fulfilled by a store. That also means it's likely floor stock.

      • jeez thats pretty crap then, glad i didnt buy it once it went up in price.

      • When you say floor stock, do you mean boxed up but one of the few boxes hanging waiting to be bought or like demo model / already opened.

        • I'm just assuming. Most EBs have little back room space so most stock is on the floor. I'd feel better getting sealed warehouse stock than stock directly from a store. It's why if I'm buying from EB I generally try to buy from their ebay store as that stock comes directly from the main EB warehouse so it always comes sealed. Buying through the website is taking a chance.

  • Got the swiftpointZ mouse via click and collect, and the ADG1X priced matched at JB.

    • When you price match with JB, do they include the postage costs? According to their site they include postage costs?

      • jb wouldn't price match at all because no local stock - wanted $200 as a deal.. that's a lot of postage costs

      • The nearest eb that had stock was 30 minutes away. There were 2 people behind the counter, one said NO as it wasn’t local, but the other was cool and got it through anyway. They didn’t include postage costs in the price match either.

        • hmm so sounds hit and miss, I wonder what they would have said if the nearest stock was country towns a few hours away. As i think that was my situation.

          • +1

            @lonewolf: I basically just don't buy from jb hifi if possible at all anymore cause of there loony personal price matching policy.

            • @petry: Maybe I did the right thing by ordering via eb than trying to price match. I thought I should support the retailer who first brought the deal but at times it’s hard when you are tempted to price match for convenience and sometimes better pricing aka saving on shipping. Hopefully I do get my order though as they say out of stock now so I wonder if they ran out yesterday and some people get their orders cancelled in the end.

              • @lonewolf: eb are lousy at fulfilling orders regardless of time stamp. orders will be cancelled no doubt but screw jb hifi for being deliberately difficult about their shonky price if but maybe price matching. At the end of the day its just a thing u can live without, unlike the species being made extinct every day nearly here now. The Australian ecosystem is being destroyed - and its irreplaceable.

        • FYI I ended up getting 2, one for a friend but I’m still sitting on the fence with mine. If anyone’s super keen and desperate, send me a message.

    • FYI I ended up getting 2, one for a friend but I’m still sitting on the fence with mine. If anyone’s super keen and desperate, send me a message.

  • Thank you op! Purchased a pair of the ADG1X. In their system it was much more expensive, so I just click and collected :)

    • they dont have any for click and collect?

  • How do the ADG1X / AGX1 compare with a Senn Game Zero / ONE, I have the latter headphones (a couple of them) and had initially been thinking of changing to the ADG1X.

    • +1

      Quick Google suggests both are good for different tastes. Game Zero more for gaming, ADG1X more for music.

  • +1

    Successfully price-matched the Raiju @ JB

    • +1

      Any chance you can upload your receipt?

      Tried to price match JB HiFi at Macquarie Centre yesterday. The guy I got said it was a good price and said no because there was no online delivery and no store had stock. I walked away and found that Coffs Harbour Ebgames has stock. I went back and showed him and said Coffs Harbour had stock and he flat out said he wasn't going to price match Coffs Harbour and said if I could get it, go ahead. He was quite annoyed. I'm not surprised but thought I'd give it a try.

      That being said, I read that the controllers are hit and miss due to the stick drift that may appear 3-6 months down the line.

    • Hey

      Do you mind sharing the jbhifi receipt. I'm looking to hitup jb hopefully they will be able to do it with supported docs


  • +2

    I bought the last ADG1X in the Penrith store this morning. Bloke tried to charge me $298 and i told him to check the website…

    Tried them out this afternoon when i got back from work… I thought my HyperX Cloud Alpha's were good but the sound quality on the AT's is a lot better.. Logged onto the clan discord and and everyone immediately noticed how much better i sounded through the microphone as well.. a very worthwhile jump up from the HyperX's

  • Thank you so much to OP and the user who posted the ATH-AG1X as a separate deal (which got merged to this one), wouldn't have known about it without that post.
    Some heroes don't wear capes :)

    Cruised around town looking for stock but was worth it.

    The pair of '3D Wing Support Housing' (ant antennae looking thing at the top) should be more solid IMO, at the moment the earcups tend to slide down a bit. Might need to do the rubberband trick to fix it.
    Small potatoes however, sound quality is great, very happy for a $128 spend.

    Earcups aren't too tight, thus good (breathable).
    IMO closed back was the right decision also, makes the sound more impactful.

  • +2

    Received my ADG1X. They feel like a small improvement over my AD700. More clarity but feels like they have less punch/bass, I'm no audiophile or expert so I'm just going by what I hear. I think I prefer my AD700 but the clarity is really amazing in the ADG1X. Comfort wise they clamp much harder than my AD700 but still feel comfortable after an hour~ of use, also didn't have any issue of them sliding down but my head is pretty big so the wing system is already at near max length anyway. Only problem with the build quality is the rear headband cable is a bit loose compared to the front one. Not sure if that's an issue with mine or just the way it's made. Funnily enough my AD700 has the same problem with the rear headband cable being a bit loose and they have held up for nearly 8 years. Overall pretty happy with them, I was expecting perhaps a bit more considering the RRP but for $128 they were an absolute bargain and will be my main cans for years to come.

    • I too have upgraded my 10 year old AD700 to the ADG1X and agree with all your points after running them in last night. I'll have to check mine tonight to see if the rear head band is loose like yours.

      Only reason I upgraded was because I had a really ghetto microphone setup consisting of gooseneck wires and cable ties.

  • Picked up 2x controller last Thursday from watergarden jb
    Got turned down at airportwest, Brodie jb, sunshine

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