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Free Natvia Jam Sample Delivered from Natvia (Facebook Required)


I think you receive two samples. one strawberry and one raspberry. Apparently no sugar has been added.

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  • How do you claim it? When i press on the link on Facebook ot just takes me to their website

    • Are you signed in to Facebook?

    • use pc, same thing happened when i was on my ipad and iphone

      • I believe the reason it won't work on mobile is because i was only allowed to put the full version link in the bargain. m.facebook.com is banned on here for some reason.

        • Facebook.com links auto change to m.facebook on mobile devices. However m.facebook links don't change to facebook.com on desktops, this why we block m.facebook and ask to use facebook.com links otherwise they render oddly on computers.

      • If you’ve got chrome on iPhone and select request desktop site when you load Facebook you can bring up the form from mobile

    • Request desktop site before clicking ‘Get Offer’ and it should work on a mobile browser.

  • Than you, worked fine.

  • Thanks OP
    Used a dummy facebook account & sent them to my parcel locker. Cheers.

    • Bit paranoid for a 5-10 gram sample of jam 🤣? I thought there was a minimum size for a parcel locker?

      • Just trying to keep my personal details safe and minimal things shared:)
        Considering I have had 14cm by 10cm items delivered, I should be fine:)

    • Does parcel locker accept regular mail without tracking? I doubt they would use tracking service for this

      • Regular mail as in letters? If so no, they will generally either forward it to your residential address or keep it and give you a collection card.

  • Good stuff this 👍

    Much better than jam, which is ~60% sugar

  • I have bought it many times and it has been on sale before. Highly recommended and tastes great.

  • Thanks for this post, I didn't know it existed. I can have it on my low carb Aldi bread haha.

  • OP are you JAMAICAN?

    CAUSE THIS DEAL JAMakin me crazy

  • Awesome - I always avoid jam because of the high sugar content but this is ingenious! Thanks

  • Thanks OP. I won't get the sample but will buy one to try. I have been buying St Dalfour. It's good to have an alternative. The only thing is the ingredients are imported. I hope they comes from a not-so-polluted country.

  • Works for me, Thanks.

  • got this email today..

    Thanks for applying for our fruit spread samples! We've had an overwhelming response and as a result our samples will be taking a little longer to get out to compensate for the thousands of jam loving Aussies that applied!
    Please expect to see your samples arrive over the next two weeks.

  • Did anyone get a notice to pay $3.70 to collect from the post office?

    • wtf?

      haven't received mine yet but sure as hell not going to pay their insufficient postage just to get a "free" sample.

  • I received the sample with no return address and with a sticker $3.70 to be paid to Aus Post!

  • Mine finally arrived today. Arrived home to a mailbox full of ants. Straight into the bin.

  • Got mine today at last. wasn't billed for any additional postage

  • Finally received mine today. Completely forgot about it. Strangely they left the suburb off the address label. No request for additional postage payment, but I can see why Auspost would have requested it.

  • Has anyone still haven’t received theirs ?