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[Switch] Dragon Ball FighterZ - Ultimate Edition $44.95 (Was $149.95 - 70% off) @ Nintendo eShop


Matching the previous lowest price, one of the best fighting game on Switch imo (along side Smash Bro.).

The Ultimate Edition includes:

• Dragon Ball FighterZ base game
• FighterZ Pass (Season 1)

Android 17 (DBS)
Broly (DBZ)
Cooler (Final Form)
Goku (Base)
Vegeta (Base)
Vegito (SSGSS)
Zamasu (Fused)

• Anime Music Pack
• Commentator Voice Pack

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    one of the best fighting game on Switch imo (along side Smash Bro.)

    Is SSB a fighting game? I'm a fighting game player (competitive online, been to tournaments), and I find that most of the skills in fighting games are transferrable between games, but not really to SSB. Maybe I just don't understand how combos work in SSB, but it's not like the usual chain combos from most other FGs.

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      Of course it’s a fighting game; there are different sub-genres within that category such as weapon based fighters, tag team based, platform based, etc; Smash belongs to the latter.


        Fair enough, I'll just have to keep grinding in practice mode. Just seems like the skills I have in other fighting games don't transfer well to Smash. I just can't seem to compartmentalise what "sort" of game Smash is.

        DBFZ, for example, is a pretty typical anime fighter with mostly offense-oriented play, long combos, and very little zoning/footsie play. The gameplan is also quite typical, e.g. it's mostly structured around mix-ups after hard knockdowns. I just can't seem to get much of a handle on Smash.

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    It has a normal price now


    Hmmm intrigued. Is this game good compared to ps4 version?


      It’s not 4K or HDR if that’s what you mean, but up to HD resolutions it’s the exact same game, still running at 60fps. Plus added portability of course.


        What do you think in terms of its content update, any difference between ports? :)


        What's the online like for Switch?

        I used to play on PC, but could hardly get matches. Had to end up buying a PS4 just to be able to get more online play in. Also the matter of tournaments using PS4…etc. but that's another story.

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    Imagine spending $150 on a digital file, not in my lifetime. Long live the last physical generation. - Luke, 35, Boomer, QLD

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      Worth mention its physical cartridge is $48 in amazon AU at the moment. But apparently you need dlc for this game in my research

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        But apparently you need dlc for this game in my research

        Depends on whether you want to play any of the DLC characters.

        I'd say that Bardock is probably the one that you'd be most interested in. Vegito is quite fun to play, long combos, high damage, high meter build, but at higher levels it's hard to open up opponents with Vegito because he doesn't have many pure 50/50 mixups.

        Base Goku also seems quite interesting IMO, I feel that at the lower ranks, you can do really well with Base Goku because the third hit in his auto-combo will hit in both directions, so if you whiff the first two hits and your opponent tries to cross-up or vanish out, the third hit will hit. You can get a lot of cheap shots in this way. In the intermediate ranks (maybe around 500-600,000 BP online), this won't work anymore.

        Once you reach a high enough level, you'll need the DLC even if you don't intend to play with the DLC characters because you want to study them in practice mode to know their combos and mixups.