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Free Vagabeans Manual Coffee Grinder with Pour over Coffee Maker Set $30 + Post ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Vagabeans Amazon AU


New Product Launch Offer - FREE MANUAL COFFEE GRINDER with Vagabeans Pour Over Coffee Maker Set

To claim; Select “Add both to Cart" button in the promotion description and enter code FreeGrinder at checkout.

Vagabeans Pour Over Coffee Filter Set with SPARE REPLACEMENT FILTER.

Always wanted to make pourover coffee but worried about the fuss of paper filters?

The pour over method is often the preferred technique for premium coffee, due to the control it allows the barista and its ability to draw the full flavours of the coffee bean. The Vagabeans paperless stainless steel pour over coffee dripper set, allows you to enjoy everything about the pourover coffee experience, without the fuss. Not only will you not worry about replacing filter paper each time, you can also enjoy a fuller tasting coffee than through paper filters, which absorb some of the oils and natural flavours.

The set includes a SPARE METAL FILTER CONE, which can either be stored away as a replacement or used without the stand with your carafe. The 5 Inch width means it should fit nicely into your Pour Over Coffee device.

This single cup pour over coffee maker set allows you to enjoy the full pourover coffee experience, from watching the beans reacting with the water, the authentic aromas, right through to the end product, which is a pure rich tasting coffee.


  • Easy to use and easy to clean compared to other individual coffee makers. Rinse out in seconds.
  • Suitable for beginners. Start with the instructions available in our ebook and then experiment and adjust your technique from there.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Looks amazing, both while in use and stored on your desk.


  • 1 X Metal Stand
  • 2 X Reusable Custom Weave Stainless Steel Mesh Metal Coffee Filter Cone


  • Material - High quality 304 (18/8) Stainless Steel
  • Height = 9.5cm (3.75 Inches)
  • Width of Stand Base = 10.25cm (4 Inches)
  • Width of Cone = 12.75cm (5 Inches)
  • Weight of Set = 160g (0.35 pounds or 5.6 Ounces)

*Conditions apply

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    Worth it just for those hardcover ebooks.


    Hi there. Sorry for the confusion. The books are ebooks not hardcover.


    The listing says it is double layer, and mentions the possibility of blockage.
    Does anyone have any experience cleaning these? Do they rinse clean or need to be hit with a brush or similar?


    Hi, Thanks for the message. They rinse easily. The inner layer is too fine to let fragments through.
    Previous models have been known to block after a few months due to coffee bean oils going through. To prevent any risk of this, wash immediately after use. Ebook provides in depth instructions on this.


    Bought thanks OP. Wanted a portable grinder for my nanopresso, so it's basically a $5 pour over kit for some variety.

    How can I read the ebooks now?


    Hi Anders, They are emailed by Amazon just after item is shipped. However, I'm happy making them public now.

    Pour Over Coffee Maker -

    Manual Coffee Grinder -



    Wonder how this would go as a cheese press/strainer.


      Interesting idea. Hard to say without trying, but one possible issue I can think of is possible eventual blockage caused by the oils/fats. The filter mesh is very fine as required for coffee filtering, maybe too fine for such a purpose.

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      A good soak with coffee machine cleaner (sodium percarbonate) would fix that.

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    Is it still working? The coupon takes off $40 leaving me with a $15 cost?


      I just get "The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase." so assume expired now.

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        Nah that's because you hit 'Add to Cart', you gotta scroll down and select "Special Offers for this Item v" - 'Add both to Cart' before the coupon works.


      Now's it's taking $15 off and leaving me with a $40 cost.

      Recommend removing this 'bargain', the discount is being adjusted on the fly.

      • +1 vote

        When I added both to cart as you correctly suggested I got the opposite:

        Order Summary
        Items: $55.00
        Delivery: $0.00
        Order Total: $55.00
        Promotion(s) Applied: -$40.00
        Order Total: $15.00

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          Yep that's what I paid.


          Hi all. Thanks for feedback. The offer is still going without adjustment. Not sure on why the numbers you’re seeing vary but will check it out with Amazon and get back tomorrow.


            @Vagabeans: Hi Rep, does that mean OZB Al and Cletus vandamme above only had to pay $15 for both the filter and the grinder? That's half what I paid! If this is true…any chance of a special for those that paid $30? Maybe a cheeky personalised code for a discount on a second set for giving as a gift? ;D


              @scloh1: Hi. There was a technical issue where a discount was applied on a discount that caused a small amount of sales to go through at a lower price. We can’t offer this broadly unfortunately. Sorry for the confusion caused by this.

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        Hi, Thanks for pointing that out.

        No adjustments took place after the discount was put up.

        I think I have worked out the possible cause and it was linked to how the matching discount that was placed on the product page of the grinder was administered by the system. This commenced after the discount on the Pour Over began and for a while caused the figures to be thrown out.

        Sorry for the confusion caused. This is currently being rectified.

        Kind regards.


    Been looking for a pour over thanks op.


      Hi there,
      Looks like a good deal by Ikea presuming the filter is of good quality (they can vary). One difference is the Vagabeans offer comes with a second (replacement) filter, which is where most of the cost is, and also the additional inclusion of the Grinder as well.

      Kind regards


    How can you tell what grind size/level the grinder is set on?

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