Bird Feeding Problems, Need Some Advice.

One of the neighbour keep feeding birds in their own yard, most of time there are at least 20 - 30 all sort of birds around. Noise and faeces are the major problems. We try to talk to them about it but obviously they ignore us and keep on going.

I checked local regulations and some similar cases in the past. I don't think feeding birds is illegal in NSW or national level (I could be wrong), although the government and related departments use "strongly discourage" in their websites.

Any ideas how should I handle this? We got young kids and they play in the yard often. Bird flu and contaminated stuff are always in the back of my head when the kids are out there playing. I try my best to keep the eyes on the kids but I reckon you will never know when so many birds are hanging on top of the yard daily.

Any suggestion will be welcomed. Thanks in advance.


1) I try some ultrasonic bird repellers, I don't think they work.
2) Other neighbours have at least 5 cats around. The bird issues remain. Perhaps all the cats are well fed?
3) what kind of birds I am talking about: White Ibis, Pigeons, Magpies, Cockatoos

2nd Edit:
1) It looks like some of my comments cause some controversial reaction. Good. please keep shxting on me if this can help you stay away the gateway drugs. BTW, Please check my ID name after that.
2) Thanks for all helpful comments. I try me best to reply to all of them but life is too short.



        I keep forgetting about the water restrictions - so yeah, probably not a good idea in a neighbour war.

        My backyard is really private so i do what I like. (before anyone gets on their high horse, my water usage is 1/3 of what Sydney Water considers average for a 1 person household)

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    That's one way to teach your kids to hate nature. Just move and let someone normal move in who enjoys animals and isn't constantly worrying about something that won't happen, you're the issue here OP, you're the crazy one comparing your worry about 'bird flu' to the holocaust and the bushfires ffs.

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    Nothing will work.
    I am in the similar situation. We have fruit trees and birds come from everywhere to eat peaches & cherries. Netting does not help as they crawl into the tiniest holes between pieces of netting and then I have to get them out.

    I don't care about the noise but even then disadvantages are huge:
    - backyard is covered with birds' poo;
    - clothing has often to be rewashed;
    - they sht on your roof (especially under the panels) and block water pathway hence roof developed leakage; They bring stuff that ends up in your gutters. Good luck cleaning that!
    - they build nests in the most unexpected places like roller doors and bring stuff that rattles inside when you open them;
    - car is always sh
    t upon. You can not leave their droppings as the paint will be affected;

    I was exactly like many here when I moved in and saw many birds around. I would even buy seeds for them. First summer I turned opposite.

    We tried:
    CD/DVDs, plastic owls, plastic snakes, ultrasound devices, Christmas trees foils etc.

    NOTHING works!

    Thinking of buying/renting real owl/eagle. Any ideas where I can get one?

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    What was actually discussed with the neighbour and how/what did the respond with?

    Have you told them of the issue and asked them to stop? or has it been a passing comment '.. oh there are so many birds..'.

    ".. The birds are really lovely but they are causing quite the issue for my family. We use our backyard quite extensively however the birds are shxtting everywhere, causing a mess.. etc.. Would it be possible to stop or relocate where you're feeding the birds?.. We've also happy to change any behaviours we have which may be impacting on you.."


      What was actually discussed with the neighbour and how/what did the respond with?

      I think the neighbour will think OP is nuts with his thinking of getting Bird Flu and a bit of crap on his clothes a few times a month ;)

      Probably another troll posting :)


        I wouldn't go so far to say 'troll', but possibly misinformed to the point where they may dilute their own argument/discussion with neighbour. Eg. claiming risk of bird flu.


      I talk to them about the bird poo and noise, and ask them to dial down the feeding.

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    Maybe unhelpful but with drought and fires i would leave it unless its just pigeons or Common Myna.. If you dont want birds to go into your yard get a strong water pistol/gun and spray them each time they land in your yard/cloths line/power line etc — the smarter birds will learn quickly to go when they see you or person who sprays them - they will be there if your not around though - they are like little kids. Pigeons usually are more stubborn and just walk around like birdman cooing"whats your problem" after being sprayed for the 100th time

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    if you don't like birds, then exit planet earth and go back where you came from…


    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.


    More likely to get hit by a car then bird flu but people draw all kinds of conclusions. I am waiting for what kind of craziness comes from the Wu Han respiratory disease outbreak happening right now.

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    You're right - in NSW, feeding birds on private property is permissible albeit discouraged.

    The argument you need to make to council is that this is a health concern, due to the volume of animals and their leavings, as well as the threat of rodents. If next door has any kind of overgrown yard, you can argue that this will create a safe-haven for rats that are being enticed due to the food. If nextdoor is leased, you can also complain to the landlord, and perhaps to the Dept of Fair Trading that they are not keeping the property in a healthy and habitable condition.


    when life hands you a lemon, make lemonade
    when life hands you a pigeon, make one of these


    Get your own cats and don't feed them. The problem will be resolved.


    Feeding pigeons is kinda weird but maybe that's just a side effect of them wanting to feed the other 3.

    If it's a duration thing sounds like it's just too much food and too frequent. If it's the number and location then are the yards big enough to shift the feeder to the opposite end (or something).
    Telling them to just not the feed them or you have a proven with it doesn't sound helpful but adjusting just one of those behaviours might go down more smoothly as a comprise.
    (But hey, they could be arses, and I'm the bird lover category)


      Pigeons love the highest point. My right side neighbour (single storey) was leaving out rice or bread at the front yard but the pigeons loved the roof top of my left side neighbour (double storey, and slightly taller than my storey house since it’s on a sloping block). It got under their solar panels so they completely sealed off the gap and hung reflective disc on their tv antennae for a while. Didn’t deter the pigeons and they only moved to my roof when I installed my own set of solar panels. Got worried it may damage the wiring and microinverters so I also bird proof mine (with mesh wires. Now 8 out of 33 microinverters have stopped reporting data and I’m waiting months for installer to replace them under warranty).

      Since then the pigeons have moved to the edge of the windows of my place (between the two double storey house side and my side path (where the rain water tank and hot water tank are) is covered in bird poop. Not sure if the two water tanks will corrode if I leave them but the solar component of the hot water tank already malfunctioned recently and I had to get that repaired. I suspect if I install spikes, they will simply migrate to the gutter (where I can hear them from time to time, either cooing or dropping seeds).

      Left side neighbour also planted a tall hedge (that’s grown to the height of the double storey house in months) in he backyard. This is attracting parrots and they tend to nest and stay inside the hedge. Only issue is, if the tree grows taller, it’s going to cast shadows onto my clotheslines and solar panels. Checked my council’s website, and the guideline states it’s a problem only if there are multiple hedge that form a line would it need to be kept under a certain height. Lone/single is not a problem.

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    Fly a drone to scare away the birds


    Knows someone who use those pellets guns to shoot down birds, pretty accurate too. It did stop the birds. But this is not what I condone nor do I go to the extreme to do that.

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