Bird Feeding Problems, Need Some Advice.

One of the neighbour keep feeding birds in their own yard, most of time there are at least 20 - 30 all sort of birds around. Noise and faeces are the major problems. We try to talk to them about it but obviously they ignore us and keep on going.

I checked local regulations and some similar cases in the past. I don't think feeding birds is illegal in NSW or national level (I could be wrong), although the government and related departments use "strongly discourage" in their websites.

Any ideas how should I handle this? We got young kids and they play in the yard often. Bird flu and contaminated stuff are always in the back of my head when the kids are out there playing. I try my best to keep the eyes on the kids but I reckon you will never know when so many birds are hanging on top of the yard daily.

Any suggestion will be welcomed. Thanks in advance.


1) I try some ultrasonic bird repellers, I don't think they work.
2) Other neighbours have at least 5 cats around. The bird issues remain. Perhaps all the cats are well fed?
3) what kind of birds I am talking about: White Ibis, Pigeons, Magpies, Cockatoos

2nd Edit:
1) It looks like some of my comments cause some controversial reaction. Good. please keep shxting on me if this can help you stay away the gateway drugs. BTW, Please check my ID name after that.
2) Thanks for all helpful comments. I try me best to reply to all of them but life is too short.


  • Build a scarecrow in your back yard or get one of those American inflatable things.

  • Get a cat.
    Put cat in backyard.
    No more birds to feed.

    Great success.

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      Now you have cat faeces.

      • Win/Win.

      • crouching kitty hidden surprise

      • Get a dog?

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        and a potential Toxoplasma gondii-carrier living in your midst.

        • Well that was a nice read..

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            @chriise: It was long thought that the latent chronic infection in immunocompetent (healthy) adults was benign.However, recent evidence has challenged this assumption, with 1 study even finding an association between T. gondii seropositivity and suicide in women of postmenopausal age.

            But it's not all gloom and doom. Scientists are researching how to turn the parasite’s immunological power against cancer tumors, with the goal of making a cancer vaccine. They've already figured out how to bioengineer T. gondii to prevent it from replicating if injected into humans. When they tested the vaccine in a mouse model, it provoked a strong anti-tumor response while also rejecting new tumors from taking root. Further research is necessary before they can proceed to a human trial but it's all very exciting, isn't it? :)

            • @DisabledUser102420: Maybe not for any wildlife kicking around, might have been safer for you to have one of these, in the backyard, than Darthie in the house…

              An abundance of caution does suggest that you should also be checked for tick-borne diseases. :)

              That infection might explain the duet with Ed Sheeran. It still warrants some sort of explanation…

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                @Dne: You remember Darthie :) we miss her but we will never get a cat again.

        • This is not news.

          Check parasites in google and reddit, You will be surprise

  • Op's ground's for concern is Bird Flu?


    • Going by the op it sounds like the author is from an Asian country. Probably forgot about the bird flu question on the citizenship exam paper.

      Q47. Does bird flu exist in Australia?

      1. Yes
      2. No
      3. All of the above
      • Chuckle… so #3 would be 'Yeah nah' then …?!?

        For the record, 'bird flu' (if we are talking about H5N1 virus) has never been detected in Australia.

    • Thats where I also got concerned :P

    • Probably also worried about HIV from people who live in San Francisco, just don't invite them to a Silicon Valley dinner party.

      Don't get me started on Ebola…

    • The chances of getting SARS is significantly higher than getting Bird flu……

  • What sort of birds,? If they are parrots, you are (profanity). Those bastards remember everything.

  • What sort of birds,? If they are parrots, you are (profanity). Those bastards remember everything.

  • My neighbour does this too and I hate it. They're all crappy birds like mynas and pigeons.

    • My neighbour also did this until the pigeons decided to nest under their solar panels. One day saw a pigeon control van turn up but they had a short chat with the neighbour then left without doing anything.

      • Really? There's a pigeon detector van?

        • No, I'm assuming the neighbour called them up but I think they refused to climb onto a 2 storey house roof.

        • And Eric being such a happy pigeon would be a piece of cake

          Must go watch that Monty python sketch now

      • Same with my neighbour. End up having to bird proof the panels and now they have moved to the edge of the windows. Need to head to Bunnings to grab some spikes but I can imagine they will simply move to the gutter next.


          They have spikes at my local train station and it doesn't deter the birds.

  • The ibis is a beautiful and majestic bird, you should be happy you can witness such a fine sight daily.

  • Even if she stops feeding them the birds will keep coming for years afterwards. I once bought one packet of wildbird food that I fed birds with outside. I had birds coming inside my house looking for food for years afterwards (obviously future generations that learnt from their parents).

  • Any suggestion will be welcomed

    How long do you reckon the neighbours can keep this up? Age, likelihood to move, etc.

    If it's a long time, consider moving yourself.

    PS: based on the comment above mine, just move anyway.

    • Years at least. Before there were just a few cockatoos so not big deal. Now the entire situation is ramping it up.

      I won't consider moving in six months, not for this nonsense.

      But I agree with you. It is much easier to stay away with morons and nutcases rather than messing with them. Nobody wins

      • So are you planning a holiday with your neighbour?

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        stay away with morons and nutcases rather than messing with them

        The only problem is that you'll find that morons and nutcases are everywhere.

  • It sounds like you don’t want birds flying into your back yard to leave fecal deposits. My parents have been growing fruit in their back yard for years. They learnt that birds don’t like reflective surfaces and as such my parents strung together a bunch of old DVDs/CDs and hung it like bunting near the fruit trees they are trying to protect. I thought it was weird when I saw it. However it actually works for my parents.

    • I tried that for about 3 months. I won't said the method doesn't work. I rather said that the constant feeding source have more powerful impact than a bunch of hanging dvds.

      Still, thanks

  • With the drought your neighbor is doing their bit for the wildlife
    The birds are not going to make you sick

    • I agree. Then I changed my mind permanently when they Shxt on you and your clothes 3 times a month.

      Try to beat that.

      • There is every chance birds would shxt on your clothes whether or not they were being fed by next door. It happens.

        As a fellow clothesline user at this time of the year I'd be more worried about the fly eggs that flies deposit on your clothes that you can hardly see. Enjoy that knowledge and suddenly bird shxt seems tolerable. At least it's obvious and you can re-wash those items.

        The bigger picture reality is that birds were here before you were. The garden is their home before it ever was yours.

      • Do i need to balance on your clothesline while sh!tting? Or can I do it on the ground and then throw it on?
        I ask… cause i can easily beat that, providing you wash your clothes more than 3 times a month.

    • The neighbour is causing a pest problem by feeding native animals.

  • Username doesn't check

  • It might end up a 'murder of crows' lol
    Go to a local ship chandlery and buy a dummy owl, ( its a real thing) they use them on mored boats all the time to keep birds away.

  • How can I stop my neighbour feeding the birds?

    Is this what you were referring to in your post?

    • yeah.

      • It's frustrating, especially when you've advised your neighbours of the issues and they continue to do it.

        Have you spoken about this with the other neighbours in your street? You may find that others are similarly impacted. Suggest documenting the issues between you and contacting your local National Parks & Wildlife Service office for some advice. You may get more traction if it affects a number of properties.

  • Now more than ever with drought and bushfire our birds need help .

    Your neighbour a saint , your kids should enjoy the birds and collateral damage of a bit of sheet on your cloths a few times a month is a low price to pay for the privilege of not having to go to a zoo 😜

  • Try to move the CLOTHLINE!

  • Don't teach your children your negative uneducated ways… teach them to be kind to animals.

    • Very wise words from an ID call "OZHunterNSW"

      • Bargain hunter perhaps?

        Regardless, I'd hazard a guess that most animal hunters are far more ethical and moral than those who just buy factory harvested meat from a black tray at their local supermarket.

        • You mean like how they kill a scarce and / or endangered animal just to take pictures and show they can kill it rather than for sustenance? And hence bringing the species to extinction? I cant agree with that.

  • There are no regulations for you to rely on as far as I'm aware.

    Ensure you list "Bird flu and contaminated stuff are always in the back of my head when the kids are out there playing." as your primary source of concern, if/whenever you approach anyone to complain or seek assistance in this matter, so the matter is classified & dealt with promptly.

  • You are such a lucky person to witness such beautiful birds. Teach your kids about the various types of birds. Atleast they should know them before they go extinct . LOL

  • I don't understand why people feed pigeons and mynas. Damn imported pests!

    • Just like the majority of people…

      • I agree, but more so if we are talking about pests and the damage they do to everything around them. I think humans would be the no.1 pest by a country mile..

    • +2 votes

      If the neighbour is just leaving seed out, it's pretty hard to stop the pigeons/mynas from eating it while still allowing the cockatoos to get their fill.

      But specifically feeding pest species, I agree, shouldn't be done.

    • They are getting rid of wasted food products that would otherwise head to the landfills. From what I saw it’s mostly left over rice or bread.

  • Who Give A Shxt

  • Rule .303

  • When they Shxt on the clothes you have on the clothesline, send them over to your neighbour to wash them again.

  • I used to love how many birds used to come around my neighbourhood and onto my window sill or backyard / front yard and some would be singing me awake in the mornings. These days, they are a lot more scarce sadly with some types of people obsessed over removing all trees and bush in any part of their property. Also dont forget with all the bushfires, I know people have told me they are witnessing a lot more birds in their area looking for water and feed as they all fled their homes…

  • Similar situation here. Basically the birds will never go away as long as the neighbours keep feeding them. Hand feeding to animals is as addictive at behavioural reinforcement as crack cocaine is to humans. 20 + birds concentrated in one spot can make a racket, depending on the type (galahs, magpies, sulphur crests are all noisy is flocks). The neighbour's behaviour is sociopathic (ie they are indifferent to the feelings of others), all too common in the me me age. Their behaviour impacts negatively on the mental wellbeing of others, but they simply don't care. The sad truth is that people love animals because they hate their fellow human beings.

    Noisy dogs or nuisance cats are policed effectively by councils, but birds are protected species. I have heard of certain councils that have passed laws making it illegal for people to feed wildlife (at least large numbers thereof), but if your council has no such legislation you'll have to lobby a politician.

    Some jargon: Hyperacusis (hypersensivity to many forms of soundsound); misphonia (hypersensivity to a particular form of sound eg leaky taps, vacuum blowers). These are real dosorders that make people miserable just like OCD, PTSD and so on.

      • The sad truth is that people love animals because they hate their fellow human beings.

      Yes, Facebook and Twitter will do that to people.

      • Noisy dogs or nuisance cats are policed effectively by councils, but birds are protected species. I have heard of certain councils that have passed laws making it illegal for people to feed wildlife

      No, not in my area. Otherwise I will just ask council to do the dirty work. After all I paid my tax fully.

      Thanks for your advice

  • Mum & Dad put rubber cobra snakes in their yard. It seemed to work.

    If there are surfaces that the birds roost on then put taught fishing line about 30-40mm above the roosting platform or buy the spikes from Bunnings.

    You can also hose them or use a slingshot with plaster of paris ammo.

    • slingshot is a good idea until the neighbor report you "hurting" the animal.

      I cannot give them reasons to do that.

      • I'd only do the pest species and you have to make your own sling shot as commercial ones are illegal.

        Bait casters are legal and they deliver a very low impact hit. They scare but don't kill. Look on AliExpress

    • Can’t hose them with the water restrictions in place.

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