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Cerwin Vega XD8S Home Subwoofer $149 Delivered @ StoreDJ


Cheaper here currently with eBay code (try all of them).

A budget subwoofer for extending the low-end of your soundbar / bookshelf speakers (even those missing a subwoofer output).

During research for decent subwoofers for cheap, came across this subwoofer with a very similar design to the subwoofer that comes with Yamaha YAS-207 but with a bigger 8-inch driver (6 1/4 inch for YAS-207) and more advanced features (cross-over / phase control / pass through).



  • Low-frequency crossover / volume / phase (0/180 degrees) control
  • Thick MDF enclosure
  • High excursion woofer
  • Auto on/off
  • Compact size delivers large Cerwin-Vega sound
  • Includes desktop remote to control the entire system volume & mute just the subwoofer (with 1/8-inch audio input jack)
  • Magnetically shielded to prevent interference

Photo: Desktop remote.

Technical Specifications:

Frequency Response: 35Hz – 255Hz
Frequency Range: 32Hz – 390Hz
Amplifier Power: 80 W RMS
Weight: 8.4 KG

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  • +1

    I don't know why the Yas 108b gets such rave reviews. Sure the sound is bigger than the tv speakers but it lacks clarity and bass. I was thinking about getting this subwoofer for it but then it'll probably drown out the voices even more. If I turn up the volume then everything becomes too noisy. I have clear voice on but it's not enough.

    • +1

      It sounds like you know what you're after.. Maybe you could sell the Yas 108b and get some nice bookshelf speakers and skip on the sub for now, it'll have more bass than the soundbar anyways. I think you might enjoy that more.

      • +2

        I had an old Onkyo 1080p av receiver that I never really used packed away in a box. Instead of upgrading to a new arc-4k pass through version I decided to use it purely for basic 5.1 sound.
        Yes I have good front bookshelves, but the sound is sooo clean and sub provides nice bottom end. Comparing to the sound bar i have upstairs it's a massive step up.
        Onkyo could probably be picked up for under $100 as it is 10 years old now.
        If you have room skip the soundbar or go for something decent.

    • I think for ~$160 the YAS 108b offers decent sounds for the money. built-in dual subs, ARC, DTX Virtual X, Bluetooth etc…

      • +3

        Do all of those features matter if you can't hear voices and dialogue?

      • Realistically that's all gimmicks for such tiny speakers in such a small width device.

      • Agree. Sound bars serve their purpose………period. Those listed features might be a gimmick to you but it’s required by the target market. ARC is very useful - unless you want to to be switching 3 or 4 units on just to get sound out of your TV and have multiple remote units out. Lack of clarity ?? You are definitely in the minority there. I also have a dedicated theatre/music room so I know a little bit of what I’m talking about.

    • +2

      Because it's better than tv speakers. That's it.

    • +7

      Try these settings out. Turn off Bass-extension (it will take a bit of getting used to less-bass, but it helps with clarity), make sure bass level is at +1 or +2. (Then turn the volume up on sound-bar instead of turning the bass up when you want more bass + clarity)
      Use stereo mode on the soundbar instead of surround & make sure your TV + streamer is outputting PCM stereo to the soundbar.

      If after you have checked & tried all these settings, you still prefer more clarity, then bookshelf speakers may be a better option for you.

  • +1

    Didn't know Cerwin Vega were still around

    • I bought a slim under-seat subwoofer of theirs for my car and im actually really happy with it. I was skeptical as Id never heard of them but its a fantastic little unit. Even coming from a full size 12" box sub in the boot, it holds up fine.

  • Thank you to everyone who up-voted the deal.

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