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Buy 1 Get 1 Free - 4x 250gm Variety Pack (8x 250gm Packs Total / 2kg Roasted Coffee Beans $49.99), Free Delivery @ Agro Beans


Add 2 of the variety packs to cart and the second one will be free. For $25/kg you get a variety of decent coffee to try out. I ordered from these guys previously and it was roasted within a few days of when i received delivery and i really liked the coffee.

From website:
Our variety pack includes 4 x 250gm/500gm/1kg packets of Crema, Mocha, Espresso & Organic blends. These combination can be altered according to your request. You can leave message on your order notes.

Crema: A combination of strong crema & full bodied beans. A rich, lush, creamy with milk chocolate & cocoa flavours.
Mocha: Caramel, Dark chocolate, berry, walnut nuances, buttery richness & creamy.
Espresso: A rich sweetness, full-bodied, vanilla, almond & chocolate flavours pushing through the milk.
Organic: Created using 100% organic beans. This has notes of caramel, honey, biscuity, honey-dew melon, is subtle, leading to a long clean finish.

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    Anyone used these before?


    Being the only coffee drinking in the house, it would take me a couple of months to get though 2KG of coffee. What are the thoughts on buying these and freezing them in their unopened bags?


      it will taste heaps better than supermarket coffee any day of the week


      I don't think freezing helps, its a matter of keeping them in a dry, dark place.

      I'm in a similar situation, i bought a kg of badabean beans during Amazon black friday, I've been keeping them sealed in the fridge.

      I'm no coffee expert, some say beans are only good a few weeks after roasting, a few say they're only good after a few weeks. I dunno, except they taste better then instant, pods, macca & 7-11 coffee even 6wks later.

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    Don't freeze coffee. It will ruin the aromatic oils within the beans.

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    Wish I could fire , currently stuck with a lighting deal from Grinders that stale : (

    Too TightA$$ to chuck em out .


    Roasting Date?


      I contacted them previously about this and Agro Beans replied: "Thank you for the inquiry. All our beans are freshly roasted. We hold our beans for max of 3 days before we ship out if you have preferred roast date we can organise freshly roasted or aged beans for you."

      My purchase arrived with roast date same day as they were dispatched!

      I laughed at the thought of someone requesting aged beans haha.

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    Watch out when you place the order because the website deselected the extra variety pack that I added to get the buy one get one free option. I called up and they corrected it for me.

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    Are these pre-roasted or will you be roasting for these orders?

    Anyone tried them before? Bean (sorry!) waiting for a deal for a few days for a deal with no joy so took the plunge (stop it!) today on a kg of Lazzio Columbian beans from Aldi.

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      You can get fresh beans cheaper from the coffeesnobs website - they do multiple roasts each week.

      The "Espresso Wow!" blend is incredibly good, and 45$ shipped to Melbourne (not sure if more $$ to other states).


        thank you, never knew about this. Will order Espresso wow once my Melbourne Chocolate and Coffee Supplies bag runs out form the previous deal.

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        this is incorrect regarding being cheaper than this deal. In this deal you get 2kg of freshly roasted (see my comment above) coffee for $49.99 shipped. At coffeesnobs 2kg of Espresso Wow costs $76, and then shipping on top of that unless you can pick up from Nth Geelong.

        However the coffeesnobs Cafe Seasonal Selection is a more comparable price to this deal, you get 2.5kg for $50 (shipping extra), but you only get 1 type of coffee as opposed to a mix to try.


        Given your high praise for this coffee, thought I'll register at coffeesnobs in readiness for future use/offers (I already took up the current deal).

        But surprised by this:

        Please Enter Your Date of Birth:
        The date of birth you enter here is binding and may not be altered at a later date. Make sure you enter it correctly!

        One could have mistaken it for signing up to a bank account or financial product :-)
        Why do they care? Do they offer a deal on your birthday? Feedback appreciated, thanks.

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      i'm not a rep btw, just a guy who ordered their coffee once and liked it, then noticed this deal. My last order from them was roasted very fresh prior to being shipped, and i really rate the coffee (see my comments above)

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