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GoPro HERO8 Black $439 Pickup or + Delivery @ Digital Camera Warehouse


First ozb deal, hope the format is correct. Saw the deal on google ads yst..

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    Good price!!

    I'm waiting for hero 8 bundle kit!!!

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    Insta 360 one R with one inch sensor and Leica F3.2 has out now. Specs seems way better than gopro/osmo action .No idea if go for this deal or wait for that one


      I'm keen as well ,but seems that it is only available in Au stores in March 2020 :(

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      I do hope people realise the value of the Insta 360 from now on as GoPro have been increasingly misleading & deceptive recently in their advertising & non-compliance with Australian Consumer Guarantees and support is severely lacking & resistant to providing remedies. ie, GoPro Fusion users from day 1 have been left in the lurch with updates that were promised & due, instead they killed off the software division that was responsible for those updates and people were left with bricks. Also, recently I noticed products have had physical features removed that still appeared on online marketing materials and GoPro wouldn't allow returns, even within their guaranteed satisfaction period, let alone legal obligation.

      TLDR: If it works then great, if it doesn't, make sure you purchased it from a reputable Australian retailer, not GoPro direct.


      Does look like a nice piece of tech, double the price though triple if you get all the mods. Anyone on here actually used the insta360 products?


        Yeah but each mod basically makes a new camera. If you wanted to do the same with GoPro, you'd have to buy a Fusion, a Hero 8 etc.

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    The DCW sale was posted on OzB a few days ago but got lots of Negs, so it was probably ignored by a lot of folk.

    Anyhoo, I went to my local Officeworks store who were able to 'price beat' the DCW price, meaning you can buy it for $417.

    I hope this helps anyone on the lookout for a HERO8 Black.

    I grabbed a spare battery there too for around $25, to beat the DCW price.

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    Is it cheap?
    I checked eBay as a reference and saw it for $420 plus delivery.


    The bundle is worth whatever the price it is under $500.


    any discount on GoPro HERO8 Black Holiday Bundle.


    This or a 360 camera?

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    FYI: this action cam normally goes for approx. $600

    I was considering this model for water activities - not sure if there is anything better that has increased waterproofing.


    Inclined to hold out for the new Osmo Action - Any idea when that will come out?


    I went to Officeworks and asked for a price match/beat and got it for 426 because they said I had to take into account the postage price due to us being in ACT, fine with that as it's still a great price.


    FWIW This is still showing as $439 on the Digital Camera Warehouse website (4 day sale expires today) & I just got my local Gold Coast JBHifi to price match with a print out of receipt someone posted above (thanks) & the website showing the price. Wasn’t planning on buying one but at this price couldn’t help myself! Thanks..