Backup HardDisk for Business


I have to buy an external hard disk for business backup and if someone can recommend a reliable one? The size of the hard disk should be bigger than 2 TB.


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    You probably need a NAS with RAID 1 at least for business.

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      I think OP is looking for an offline solution.

      • NAS don't need internet, which is offline?

        I would suggest synology, most popular NAS in Ozb.
        Make sure to get a extra HD for once in while off site backup as well.

        • Make sure to get a extra HD for once in while off site backup as well.

          Isn't that what OP is asking about?!

          • @abb: boomramada is suggesting two solutions. One is local backup in case of hard drive failure and another in case the business burns down.

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          Is the NAS connected via USB to the Computer or via an IP address? Because if the computer was ever hacked or a virus breaks out can't it encrypt the data on the local network?

          • @No Username: Yeah. You want multiple levels of backup:

            1. NAS with Raid1. That's your primary backup (nightly or so), and Raid1 provides built-in redundancy.

            2. Extra hard drive for actual offsite backup, and you'd do that weekly or so, and this would disconnected from everything else and not on premises.

            The first is quick and convenient to back up and restore, but less secure as it's connected and on site (hacked, fire, etc). The second is less convenient but more secure.

    • +1 for NAS but RAID is not a backup. Just configure the NAS to backup to Cloud storage.

  • What's your budget?

    • i have not set my budget and that's why looking for the ideas and then know what kind of cost i am looking it?

      • I mean ballpark….. is your budget < $1000 or < $10,000?

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    There is no such thing as reliable storage. A popular and more reliable backup solution is the 3-2-1 strategy. Cloud storage is gaining popularity because the provider will manage the backups on your behalf, but you will be limited by and reliant on your Internet connection.

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    Any of the big brands are fine (Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, Hitachi).

    Buy 2. Never have them both in the office at the same time.

    • i have heard a lot of bad reviews about SeaGate and Western Digital. Samsung i heard is built by Western Digital as well.

      • You'll see "a lot of bad reviews" because they sell, by far, the most drives.

        Occasionally they do release a particular model that is more prone to failure.

        Get one of the "heavy duty" models (WD Red, Seagate IronWolf) if you're worried, but remember any hard drive can (will) fail (or be destroyed in a fire), so buy 2 and use them alternately.

        edit: "Toshiba" is apparently #3, probably fine but I've not used them personally. WD has apparently killed off the HGST brand, and Samsung magnetic disks are now Seagate. I haven't been following the industry closely for a while!

      • Pick a brand name, there is always bad reviews, that's why we got a backup strategy.

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