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200 School Labels Value Kit for $30 + Shipping @ Bright Star Kids


Bright Star Kids have a great offer for Back to School. Use code "SCHOOL" to get 75% Off School Labels Value Kit only. Hurry offer ends 31st Jan '20. Only available at Bright Star Kids.

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Bright Star Kids
Bright Star Kids


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    Seems expensive. Bosco bear does 126 sticky or 42 iron on labels for $9 delivered via Groupon. Even better if you have a Groupon coupon code and cash back.
    Free Delivery: $9 for Personalised Kids' Sticky or Clothing Labels (Don't Pay $19.95)


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      Well, that’s depends. Each provide seems to have different level of quality labels. I personally have not had any experience with bright star but I have purchased from Dinkleboo and Hippoblue. I found Hippoblue offers much better design and quality, however is little bit more expensive.

      Would be good to hear some one had this particular brand before and comment on about the quality.

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    LOL down from $130.55 and I thought the Supermarket 50% off were bad :)


    Hi OP, are you associated with Bright Star Kids?


    My wife buys labels for our daughters containers from Hippo blue for about half this price and they have been alright. There's a $15 school pack here which looks pretty similar…


    I have ordered those name labels on eBay @ $4.99 per set. I think they are still overcharged even after 75% off.

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