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Hi all,

As mentioned in this deal, to support the many Australian communities and wildlife that have been devastated by the bushfires across Australia, the Mobileciti team will be donating $5 for every successful transaction that uses the 10% off coupon code. The donations will be allocated in the ratio of votes across the top three voted charities. E.g. if 50 voted A, 30 voted B, 20 voted C & 10 voted D, the donation amount will be allcoated in a 50-30-20 ratio across A-B-C.

Inspired by Scotty’s awesome initiative every year, An additional $2 for each unique commenter in this forum post until 11:59pm 16/01/2020* will also be added to the total.

I have opened the poll up with 6 options to start with suggestions welcome, thank you for the feedback and support.

*Update 15/01: extended until 11:59pm 16/01/2020. Comment here:

Thank you for all the votes and comments. We have been overwhelmed by your support. The orders from the deal have been dispatched/ready to pickup. I think it was great to receive community input in where the donation goes in this time of adversity. As a result, we've decided to extend the $2/unique commenter for another two days until 16/01/2019 11:59pm. There is also a new deal that also contributes $5/successful transaction. Once again a big thank you to everyone involved!

Poll Options expired

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