[SA] Kangaroo Island Ferry Return $18 (Child), $25 (Adult) @ Kangaroo Island Connect (1+ Night(s) Stay Required)


KANGAROO ISLAND businesses have taken a multi-million dollar hit as the tourism industry deals with thousands of travel plan cancellations over the past week.

Kangaroo Island tour operators Tony and Sandy Coppins have been taking guests on Ocean Safaris off the waters of Kangaroo Island for more than seven years operating Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari.

Now, along with other Kangaroo Island businesses, this multiple award-winning business is facing one of its biggest challenges with cancellations and a big drop in visitation to Kangaroo Island.

“The bushfires have caused a significant impact to the community and our thoughts are with the businesses and families who have lost homes and livelihoods as a result of the fires”. Tony said. “The tourism industry on Kangaroo Island employs families of the farming community and, by supporting the tourism industry is one way you can help the community”.

Kangaroo Island Connect operates the Fast Passenger Ferry Service from Cape Jervis to Penneshaw and is offering much reduced fares to encourage people to come to the Island.

From today, Kangaroo Island Connect is providing a 50% discount for return ferry travel to encourage tourism back on Kangaroo Island. Travellers can take a return ferry trip with Kangaroo Island Connect to Kangaroo Island for only $25 per person.

To purchase a return ferry ticket for $25, visitors must stay on Kangaroo Island for at least one night to support local businesses. The offer is open for travel from Saturday 25 January 2020 until 30 June 2020.

Managing Director of Kangaroo Island Connect, David Harris, said “Tourism and Agriculture are key drivers of the economy on Kangaroo Island. Both sectors are interlinked. There is a massive job ahead to get the economy back on its feet. There has been wonderful charitable support, but we must get the Island economy trading again and as soon as possible”.

People are asking what they can do?

The best way to help is to come to Kangaroo Island, stay a night or two and spend some money enjoying yourselves while supporting the local towns and businesses at the same time.

This 50% discount on our normal fare is the cheapest fare ever to Kangaroo Island. By making a booking and travelling to Kangaroo Island, this will help to get some cash flow back into the tourism businesses on the Island. We have also reduced our car & van hire rates back to the winter off-peak rates.

Several accommodation, tour and experience operators are releasing promotions including free return Kangaroo Island Connect ferry travel to the island. These packages will include the $25 return ferry Kic fare. (Subject to Terms and Conditions)

Visitors can experience Kangaroo Island with Hire Cars, Motor Homes and Campervans available to explore the 50% of untouched beauty of the Island, with pristine coastline spanning more than 250km.

“Get together with your friends and family, grab your camera, beach towel, surfboard and get ready to fill your social media feeds with adventure, amazing food, gin, beer, wine, honey, and KI’s photogenic coastlines.”

Island businesses need the rest of this summer period to be a success to help rebuild the local economy.

Don’t miss the boat and the opportunity to help start the rebuilding process on Kangaroo Island.

Kangaroo Island Connect will follow the advice of the South Australia CFS to ensure the Island is safe for tourists to travel.

To learn more and make a booking, visit Kangaroo Island Connect’s website at www.kic.com.au or call 0419 100 100.


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    The Sealink ferry is normally the most expensive ferry for distance travelled on the planet. Without a car, I would recommend looking at booking in a fishing charter, with a bad weather backup plan.

    To avoid the frequency of these events occurring can you also do another favour? Have a look around home and your work site. Are the airconditioners set super low? (below 23, is a door/ window open?(unless you have evaporative), Do you have computers that don't get shut down, are you really using a dryer in this summer weather? Are you buying rubbish products that will go to landfill in no time (looking at you printers)? Looked into a solar subsidy plan etc etc.. Don't worry about the Scomo's of the world. If we change our ways, coal etc will have no value and we can back to the way these beautiful places were 100 years ago.

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    "KANGAROO ISLAND businesses have taken a multi-million dollar hit as the tourism industry deals with thousands of travel plan cancellations over the past week."

    Unpopular opinion but the environment and wild life has been devestated but the thing that matters most is tourism profit? Nature is already cruel enough to the wild life they don't need more humans screwing things up.


      exactly. All about money. More people travelling to Australia..more people travelling around in cars..more people buying useless things.
      Which is a significant part of why we are at this point and dealing with this stuff.

      FFS. Unbelievable. Not to mention the significant risk of sticking people on a half burnt island…with real risks still of further fires during this dangerous summer.

      It's crazy talk!!! I'm with you

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    Kangaroo Island is full of snakes.

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    I think revitalising affected communities is a terrific idea.

    But isn’t it a bit soon to ask tourists to come to the island, given that the fires there are still nowhere close to being under control?

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