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Samsung Galaxy S10/ S10 Plus Phone Case $2 + $5-$8 Delivery @ The Good Guys


Can Price match/beat at Officeworks the S10+ Black view cover

getting rid of stock before s20 release, these are reduced from $59-$99 bs rrp, See main link, 6 to choose from, delivery $5-$8, but would check in-store if nearby

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    s11 s20

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      lol thx

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        It’s still just a rumour. Could be 11, could be 20. My moneys on 20 though.

        • quick search looks to be s20 by most articles

  • BS RRP but this is awesome! Thanks OP!

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    Thanks! Got one

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    Thanks. Ordered 3

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    There are a couple of s10e leather cases marked down to $10 from $70 (!)



    Apparently the quality of these doesn't touch Apple despite the shared RRP but worth a punt for $10 I reckon. Colours look okay. Black, red and so on are still full price.

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    Thanks op, was looking for a new case.

  • No S10 cases :(

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    Thank you - got 3

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    Looks like no cases for the S10 5G. I thought the S10 plus would fit, but different screen sizes.

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    wow that awesome, was genuinely considering buying the black leather case for my s10+ last week at like 50 bucks on sale, 2 bucks is literally robbery

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    Good spot, grabbed a few

  • nothing except the green one for S10…

  • Would a S10e fit in a S10? Or is it a different size

  • Is anyone else outside their delivery zone? I've tried ballarat, then an address at a mates in melbourne, neither are working.

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      Had problem with paypal for delivery address…then just use a debit card then work fine.

      • That did the trick. Cheers.

      • as did mine. I entered my address but upon confirmation it only came up with an alternative (work address) and didnt allow me to change it

        • I had same problem. I called that purticular store and they change to my new address. Cheers

          • @s shah: tried but they said as it went through paypal, they couldnt update it. oh wells

            • @Bargains of Oz: pretty strange I also pay threw paypal and they change my address this morning. In future trans you should change your address on paypal I guess. Cheers

    • yes Bad Guys are dodgy, they make you pay delivery even though store nearby has the stocks. Got email confirmation after ordering the s10+ case

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    Thanks OP. Grabbed a couple. The green is pretty ugly but worth a swing for a few bucks when I'm after a new case anyway.

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    Bought a couple, thanks. :)

  • Nothing wrong with paying $8 for delivery. These cases are worth a lot more. I would go and get Price Match if possible.

    • Why not just go to a Good Guys

    • Yes. $8 delivery is ok if you buy a few of them.

  • Received email that order has been dispatched but then 5 min later received a call that there is nothing in stock and they will be refunding the money.

    • yup, 3.6k clicks doubt they have enough. Happened ages ago with s7 cases i think, $2 and all orders cancelled.

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    Thanks OP got meself a leather case. I usually get Spigen since Samsung OEM cases have BS RRP prices, but this is a steal lmao

  • ordered a green clear view one for s10 plus. lets hope they still have stock left.

    • got a call that they dont have it in stock and now order is cancelled

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    Just got off to the phone to the officeworks who kept stalling as they were hesitating price matching one of these cases due to the "significant price difference"

    After 28 minutes on the call, the product on the officeworks site conveniently went from "in stock" to "out of stock" and the lady couldnt price match anymore…

    • "significant price difference"

      Isn't that the whole point of price matching???
      Competitor has the same product with a "significant price difference", so I am doing a pricematch.
      How does OW work???

      • Yeah I reckon - this was the first time ive tried it on the phone.

        Next time I'll just go straight and order from the original store (good guys in this case) rather than trying the officework pricematch route. Lesson learnt!

  • Receive a call from Auburn store that they have no stock left, lead time will be approx. 2 weeks.

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    Grabbed 5 , will help to sell my s10+ and s10 when S20 comes out.

  • Gah, why are the one's for the S9 still so expensive…

  • Just received phone call that my order has been cancelled due to out of stock.. I don't think it's really out of stock btw good luck guys

    • which item did you buy?

      • 1 for clear view
        2 for leather black
        1 for leather green

        • hmmm, unlucky man. i bought 1x s10+ leather black case. hope it goes through!

  • thx got 2

  • One of my item they said there is a pricing issue? And my other item said out of stock but will send out once they have stock, although I dont think they will send it out..

  • Dont waste your time….order cancelled. Stupid Good Guys

  • Got a call just now, cancelled order. gg

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      i got email , it says your order been sent :)

  • None for note 9

  • There are a few left on the page, but the links go to a page not found error. EG: https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/samsung-galaxy-s10-plus-leath...

  • Managed to get JB to price match. They only had 1 in stock of the LED ones.

    Grabbed another 3 online but haven't had a call as yet

    • Got an email. Cancelled order.

      Apparently tried calling me, and got a hair salon.
      As others have said unsure where the phone number came from as I never entered one!

  • Ordered mine early in the morning - 1 LED, 1 Black Leather, 1 Green Leather - all processed, by two different stores. I think the ones that ordered a bit later in the day had their orders cancelled due to lack of stock.

    • Ordered 3x of the same S10 case. Have not heard anything yet and I ordered around 8am. I don't remember their being a mobile field? So surprised by all the people getting calls..

    • I ordered mine about 730am. So far, no calls or emails of refund. Fingers crossed

  • Got a call to say no stock. Why was the order assigned to a local store instead of the main depo, was always going to fail.

  • Got a call 30mins after placing the order saying it's on backorder and will be 3 weeks to ship and if am willing to wait. I said yes, they confirmed it will be shipped once they receive the stocks.

    • I was just about to post this myself - i received the same call

    • Good luck but doubt you will get anything.

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    I have just got the email saying my order is on its way. Not sure why it says Order Total (Inc. GST) $.00
    via Pay Pal Tender

    It doesnt say that the order totalling to this much. This is strange.

    • They rang me that it was cancelled. Later I received the same email, so yours is probably cancelled too.

    • Same

  • Got email from Good guys

    Your order has been sent.
    Sent by:
    The Good Guys MALAGA
    Ph 08 9247 8200

    • Is it $0?

  • All the emails saying it's on its way $0 are cancellation emails, nothing is being sent, orders will be refunded according to person I spoke to today.

  • Ordered S10+ LED Black, Clear View Green, Leather Green at 10:13, confirmed 10:17, dispatched (from my local store!) at 10:54.

    • Did you get a email as above saying $0?

      • No, two processing emails and one delivery ($14 all up

  • Ordered at 0845 yesterday, got two processing emails but never got a delivery email. Are we sure they are all being refunded? Surely they would have cancelled all orders by now if they were, strange that they have neither cancelled or sent mine.

    • 7k+ clicks (so probably 2 thousand orders), takes time. Hopefully we get the order but this happened with the S7 like 2 years ago. Sold cases for $2 and everyone got refunded like a week later. Can't remember if it was Harvey Norman or TGG. Hopefully people keep us updated with shipments etc, very keen to get my 3 cases for $16.

    • I was around the same literally got dispatch email not an hour ago

  • Just received refund (paid via Latitude Pay)

    • around what time did you place your order?

      • 14th Jan about 7:45am

        (I suspect it was a price error which they are covering with a "stock not available" excuse…)

  • Just received a dispatch email. I got a couple extra cases just to make mailing worth it. If anybody is bummed because missed out, I have a SGS 10+ LED case you can buy for $2 plus shipping once it arrives

    • What time did you order?

  • Just received dispatch email for order of s10e leather case showing $0 amount. No refund received through PayPal yet. Processed (or not?) by Springvale store.
    Got order in before 8am. Will be quite disappointed if it's not fulfilled.

  • Anyone in Perth who wanna sell s10 led case?

  • I got an $0 order fulfillment notice, but it was followed by a cancellation notice :(

  • Just got the following email:

    Hi Online Customer,

    Thank you for your recent order/s of the Samsung Galaxy Cover/Case.

    We have received an overwhelming response for these clearance products and unfortunately we were not able to secure additional stock from our supplier in order to meet this demand.

    This email is to advise we have therefore cancelled your order and have begun processing your refund.

    We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

    Please note, refunds usually occur within 3-5 working days.

    Yours sincerely,

    The Good Guys

    • i got same email :(

    • Got ditto. That's shame on them. I ordered really early morning. I wasn't expecting my order to be cancelled. What compensation are you guys seeking for wasting your time?

    • 36 hours after receiving a dispatch email I go and receive the above cancellation notice. Not impressed especially the BS notification stating it’s on its way, now to wait for my refund…

  • Got an email with $0 thingy followed by a cancellation email. Ordered yesterday 8:42 am :((

  • Ordered 7.31am. Got the $0 email yesterday. Not good enough GG.

  • That's BS service from GG. Got my email saying on the way getting my hopes up. Ordered very early. And then get the cancellation notice a day later. Never got a phone call despite leaving it on the order form or any option of back order. Known to me as Bad guys now

  • Got the email saying t has been delivered and is on the way but am yet to receive a cancellation email. Maybe it depends on which store you get it from? I got mine from Kotara, NSW, so i imagine they probably didn't have a massive influx of orders for the cases

    • What time did you order?