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Electric Standing Desks - up to $200 off PRO Series Frames ($499), 50% off Anti-Fatigue Standing Mats $45 + Ship @ Updown Desk


Our yearly 'Back to School, Back to work Sale' is on now for a limited time. Deals of up to 50% off selected items.

Save up to $200 off our best selling PRO Series Electric Standing Desk Frames. Silver model only $499.

50% off Anti-Fatigue Standing mats, RRP $90, on sale for $45:

Find out more about the health benefits of ergonomic sit/stand desks here:

Deals only valid through until January 31st.

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  • List some prices, not savings off RRP.

  • I think the kogan deal is much better…

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      Hi MeerkatWongy. May I ask in what respect? If price is the only thing you are referring to, then this may be the case. But it's not comparing apples with apples.

      We've purchased our competitors desks for direct comparisons and ours are far more sturdy, robust and well designed. For serious business and office use that you can rely on, our desks are absolutely superior.

  • Delivery prices per desk and seems to include per mat:

    VIC, ACT - $49
    NSW, SA - $59
    TAS, QLD - $69​
    WA - $89

    • Hi at9. Delivery prices for individual mats are not the same as the fixed pricing for desks. It's best to contact us directly for exact postage costs.

    • Postage cost for the Anti-fatigue standing mat is $18 flat rate Australia wide.

  • Are electric standing desks like electric chairs?

  • These seem insanely expensive - whats with the price point?

    • Hi TightTerry, thanks for the message. How do you define expensive? Whilst many of our customers buy our product for home use, we've designed them with office and business use in mind. These are not cheap novelty items which you can find anywhere; these are desks for people who don't want to have to buy another desk again! Buy once, buy well!

  • There are huge differences in build quality when comparing the cheaper tables to the more expensive ones. It's comparing Fantastic Furniture and Freedom, I have used and purchased a number of standing desks and while they both function similarly. Some feel nicer than others and some motors last longer (and are quiter) than others.

    • Thank you for the comment onggie! You are absolutely correct. We are NOT in the business of promoting the cheapest, nastiest desks to make a quick buck. We pride ourselves on the most robust and well designed units around at a solid price point. Our desks are designed for business and office use and for those who spend copious amounts of time at a desk.

  • Insanely expensive for just the FRAME!

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      Hi tm87. Thanks for the message. It's important to realise there is a MASSIVE difference between desks and indeed desk frames. These are NOT just novelty desks/frames. They are for serious business/office use and for those who need to sit (or would like to stand) at a desk all day long. To draw a comparison between our frames and the frames of larger companies who mass import, is like comparing a sheet of paper to a slab of wood in terms of robustness and sturdiness. We have purchased the competitors products - we know how they compare! You will only need 1 UpDown Desk!

      • Do explain. Better in what way? Do you have any OBJECTIVE evidence to say it's better? or just you marketing your goods as better?

        • Hi tm87. If you refer to Snikeron's comment below, this is exactly what I'm referring to. Specifically Snikeron states, "I've personally tried the Ikea ones, at least the ones they had in store a year ago. They might do the job but they get wobbly at standing height, and once you've loaded your desk I can only imagine it would be worse." Comparing our frames to the cheaper options is NOT comparing apples with apples. UpDown Desk frames are in a different league. It's a bit like comparing a $200 home computer to an $800 office/full time business computer; sure it'll get the job done, but is it reliable and suitable for fulltime and daily use in the long term? If you're prepared to put up with a wobbling desk at standing height, the cheaper options are probably fine.

  • I'd bite the bullet on a black frame for $499. What do you say OP?

  • Unless you specifically need an L frame, Ikea seems much better value for an electric adjustable desk and I think there’s a discount for family members at the moment - At least think I spotted some mark down at North Lakes yesterday. Still cheaper without any discount and very sturdy.

    • I've personally tried the Ikea ones, at least the ones they had in store a year ago. They might do the job but they get wobbly at standing height, and once you've loaded your desk I can only imagine it would be worse. A mate of mine has a desk from Zen space desks and the difference is night and day — he's got 2x 34" LCDs and there's almost no wobble in the desk at standing height. I'd imagine these are similar.

      Then again, it's down to individual preference to weigh up the quality to value. I would love to see the cost of quality standing desks come down as supply picks up, but I guess that's where the market is at now.

      Kogan and a few other stores stock an "Artiss" brand line up of standing desks that seem to have comparable specs on paper at almost Ikea level price. Anyone tried these?

      • Hi Snikeron. Thanks for the comments. You are exactly right and this is what many people do not realise; there is a night and day difference between the mass produced standing desks and those available from boutique desk providers. Feel free to compare our pricing to the aforementioned company. Our desks are equal, if not better in quality/rigidity/sturdiness, yet somewhat cheaper.