TPLINK Archer C3150 Discontinued. Which Router to Buy Then?

Hi all

My area got NBN finally. I was set to buy TPLINK Archer C3150. Cheapest one is sold by but I am reluctant to buy from them. And most reputable stores (umart, wireless1) do not have stock.

I checked… and alas, the product has been discontinued.

Could anyone please recommend similar router that I should buy? I need strong and stable WIFI signal. Is Archer C4000 as good as C3150?

I have read about mesh system but for now, I stick with 1 router. My budget is $200-$250.

Thanks all


  • Good question to ask in whirlpool forum

  • Good idea. Thanks buddy

  • ASUS rt 68u or linksys wrt 1900acs

  • Picked up the "Netgear Nighthawk R7000 AC2300" a month ago and it been brilliant, solid, great coverage. The app on the smart phones make it super easy to see what is connected, switch bands, setup guest wifi etc

    Price matched it at officeworks for around $210

    FYI i had a similair thread when i was looking if you are after some other ideas >

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