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So ive recently been setup with NBN FTTC and im currently with Vodafone within their 30 day satisfaction period - However the modem/router they provide is a heap of garbage, if i stay with them over a month ill be forced to stick with them or pay out the $180 ($5 off per month im with them, 36 months = free) router, which i really dont want.

So im thinking of biting the bullet and going with someone like ABB and buying my own router. Can someone recommend something decent with good WIFI coverage around the $150-$250 mark?

It will be mainly used for streaming, tv, phones, laptops etc and Xbox over wifi.


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    asus rt-acXX routers are amazing really good interface and wifi coverage. get the model that suits your budget


      There's lots of grey stock on ebay for Asus routers, which are dirt cheap.

      Take a look at the ASUS rt-AC87u. Should be able to find it on ebay for ~150. It's the 4-port version of the AC88u, but the AC87u was never sold in Australia as a retail model. The AC88u retails for over $300.

      The AC68U is also a good model and will do everything you want.


    Sorry to hijack your post can someone also recommend the best quality modem for a FTTP connection.

    Making the move in a few weeks so still need to agree on a provider but thought I'd look to get the hardware sorted over boxing day.


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      nbn install the FTTP modem. How much do you want to spend on a router?

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      As far as I know, FTTP and FTTC use a similar connect. NBN connection box supplied by the NBN sits inside your home and acts as the modem. So you just need a router to connect into it and you are good to go.

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      If you want a modem/router combo, the asus DSL-AC68u is decent, but you can't install custom firmwares on it.

      If you want to do anything fancy, then you'll want a separate router.

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        I’ve heard there are issues with the DSL version with certain ISP’s for FTTC/FTTP, you’ll need the RT Version

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          I’ve heard there are issues with the DSL version with certain ISP’s for FTTC/FTTP

          My bad - i misread the original post. A DSL modem is completely useless for a FTTP connection. Stick to the RT versions with NBN supplied Network termination device.


    Good routers for FTTC/FTTP/HFC around the $150-250 mark are the Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD Wi-Fi Router, ASUS RT-AC68U Router and TP-Link Archer C3150 V2 Router (not the V1 version).


      What are your thoughts on the Nighthawk R7000p?


      I'd be more than willing to invest higher for future proofing purposes - boxing day sales I'm hoping bring down some higher tier options I'm just not sure which ones to look out for. Want hassle free streaming and occasional PlayStation gaming as main uses.


        Do you want wifi 6 router suggestions?

        How much higher?

        Price ranges from $250-700 or more.


          If the 6 are the new standard I'd likely come up to $500 if it would ensure quality performance for years to come. Will be for 3rd storey apartment of 3 storey complex - 2 bedroom building if that would affect the recommendations

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            @BillyStorm: Yep wifi 6 is a new standard. To take advantage of wifi 6 your devices need to have wifi 6 network cards.

            Around the $500 mark the wifi 6 router to get is the ASUS RT-AX88U.

            Wifi 6 routers around $200-450 have just come to market. No reviews yet and firmware will be buggy. I would stay away from these cheaper models for a few months.


              @Twix: @Twix - thanks for the responses, I'll keep an eye on that one for sure is there any around the 700-750 mark at present you'd recommend as outperforming that one?

              Just keeping an eye on higher priced options that may drop in price for the sales.

              Appreciate your assistance.

              @TightTerry apologies again for posting into your comment but at least this post now provides recommendations for others at various price points.


    TP-Link Archer C5400 $249 in this deal

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    So I pulled the pin and ended up getting the Nighthawk R7000p price matched at Officeworks for around $210. This thing so far has been fantastic, super easy setup, great range. The app on the phone to control is brilliant as well - full visibility of everything and what bands etc. highly recommend.

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