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TP-Link TL-PA9020P AV2000 $̶7̶9̶, Razer Blade Pro 17 FHD i7-9750H RTX2080 Laptop $3799, Razer Basilis $47.20 & More @ Wireless1


Some good offers. Enjoy :)

Free Shipping on all items except TP-Link Archer C5400

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  • Amazing price for the TP-Link TL-PA9020P. Thanks OP.

    • Sorry for noob question. Can we use it for nbn? Thanks

      • Yeah should be good for 100/20 nbn depends how far the points are

        • Can you explain how exactly this should be used? can we increase our NBN speeds?

          • @atom1319: Plug it in to the power point and use it. Will only increase your NBN speeds if your currently throttled by whatever connection your using.

            • @4foxache: Sorry again for noob question :p so this device acts as a modem through an electric socket? My nbn speed is 30/20 or 50/20 if not wrong. Can work? Thanks.

              • @Bargain-er: This device uses your power point wires (inside the wall) instead of a lan / network cable. Saves running long lengths of network cable from your router to a device in a seperate room. Most of the time it's a better connection than wifi however YMMV.

              • @Bargain-er: This is not a modem. It does not change your NBN speed.
                It provides a wired connection (via powerline) from one room to another, so that you might have a better internal connection (compared to a WiFi connection, which might be less reliable / powerful when you're not close enough to your WiFi router.)

              • @Bargain-er: It's not a modem. It's to transmit your network via powerline (think of ethernet cable except via your powerline), how fast it is depends on a lot of things from your internet speed to your powerline as well. Personally, I have around 95Mbps on AV600 and around 55Mbps on AV300 so until we get faster internet that would do the job for me. Also, note that the theoretical speed is just for reference as reviews have put the cheaper TL-PA7010P kit faster than the TL-PA9020P (1000Mbps vs 2000Mbps theoretical speed), and that you have zero chance of hitting those theoretical speed. More like 1/6 of theoretical speed. If you want Gigabit, either Wifi or Ethernet.

                • @Bigboomboom: Ahh ok, thanks a lot all for the answers. Last question, so i can plug one of these to electric socket and run modem through the ethernet port and cable? Thanks. Reason i want to go through that path is the phone socket is in the bedroom and I prefer not to run a modem there. Thanks a lot again for all help. Appreciate it

                  • @Bargain-er: Most likely no, on top of my head these needs to be plugged into the Router to work. Your best bet is to run ethernet cable around.

                  • @Bargain-er: Yep 1 at the modem end and 1 in the room with the pc. Connect a LAN cable to each end.

                    And I got negged above but I think my point was misunderstood. If you're using wifi on 100NBN and wifi isn't operating at that speed you won't be getting the full 100 download speed hence effectively throttled. This adapter in that instance may provide a more stable and faster connection than wifi depending on the proximity of the rooms and if they are on the same circuit.

                    That's the long answer for those that didn't get my quick and dirty point.

        • I'd be a bit weary of these powerline adaptors. I've had really varying success with them and I think it really depends on the quality of wiring in your home.

          Personally, I don't find it significantly faster or more reliable than wireless that I wouldn't just spend the $70 on getting a better AP. On the other hand, it takes a few hours and literally a fraction of the cost to run an ethernet cable.

          • @p1 ama: It would be ok to have a straight run Ethernet cable but if you have to go through kitchen and living room and the roof or ceiling is not an option then the powerline kit are not bad provided it is new wiring in the house e.g. newly built.

            • @Pandaboss: They may be an option if you're in a rental and not allowed to draw RJ45 cables. But as other have noted - your speed may vary it all depends on the wiring. It can also depend on how your GPOs are grouped.

          • @p1 ama: Interference from 'noisy' mains powered appliances (air conditioning, microwave, vacuum) can be a huge factor.
            So too can the neighbouring electronics. Sometimes this is filtered out at the mains box, but this filtering can also interfere.
            If two plugs are on separate fuses they have a long distance to travel and again filtering can occur in the fuse box.

            We get a great connection on our old Netcomm 600Mbps adapters, latency is a little high though. If the split system is turned on the whole connection is killed instantly, and remains down until the appliance is turned off.

  • How do you get free shipping for the EOP? I get $11

  • Plus shipping? Pickup available?

  • Came to $79 through paypal even though it said shipping charge, so i guess free shipping. :/

  • Shipping is $10.14 for the 65t to Sydney for me.

  • Not to be confused but I see 2070 not 2080 on the website for the Razer Blade.

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/503879

    Beware of poor after sales service with big money item like the laptop.

    • I just read that whole story and it sounds incredibly frustrating for the buyer to have 3k tied up for 2 months and no hint of a resolution.

      • And with Christmas and New Year coming the dispute most likely won't be resolved before February at the earliest. I predict the new excuse will be the key personnel are on summer leave, much like our PM.

  • 3.8K laptop …. ROFL

  • Will having 2x Homeplug AV500 devices in same home as an AV2000 kit, slow down the AV2000 connection? I've got AV500 equipment connecting a printer so don't need super fast speeds but would like to increase speeds to a games console with AV2000…

    • https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2685911

      Did you ask the same question in 2017? :-)

    • "Q3.1: Are TP-LINK AV500, AV600, AV1000, AV1200, AV2000 powerline adapters compatible with each other?

      A: TP-LINK AV500, AV600, AV1000 powerline adapters adopt HomePlug AV Standard, so they are compatible with each other, AV1200 and AV2000 adopt HomePlug AV2,that is also backward compatible with HomePlug AV standard, which means TP-LINK AV500, AV600, AV1000, AV1200, AV2000 are all compatible with each other. However, the powerline rate will drop to lowest one’s rate when use different AV adapters together."

      The website has more info here too… https://www.tp-link.com/us/support/faq/406/

      • +1 vote

        Thankyou, that link would be relevant if I was running all devices on one EOP network, however I'm planning on running two separate EOP networks (as I do now, one AV200 and one AV500).

        I was wondering if having the AV500 would impact the AV2000 speeds (trying to avoid having to buy 4x EOP devices of the same model :) ). According to that Whirlpool post above, it seems that they would only affect each other when networks are maxed out - considering I'm not printing 24x7, I think it'll be OK.

        Thanks OP, I just ordered one pair of AV2000 units. If the AV500 affects the AV2000 network too much, I will just grab a cheap GL-Inet Mango or similar and make it into a wireless bridge for the printer.

        • Oh yes, the 2nd part of the Q&A did answer that… "… However, the overall throughput is shared by the multiple networks,"

          So all looking good on your front. I have the AV2000 and love it :)

  • The TP-Link Deco E3 is coming up as $95.19, after using the code.

  • +4 votes

    Grabbed another set of powerline adaptors (TL-PA9020P), thanx OP.

  • TL-PA9020P is sold out. Missed by a few minutes.

  • It seems power line adapters are out of stock.

  • Got the Deco E3 for my parents place to help out their WiFi range.

    I was considering the power line adapters but I assume those are only useful if you want it for plug in lan devices? Any "experts" or "experienced" bargainers got advise?

  • D-Link DIR-878 comes up as $151.21 with XMAS19?

  • Powerline has been ozbargained. Shows in stock but it comes up not available once you try to add to the cart

  • Will the TP-Link TL-PA9020P work with older other TP-Link models?

    Edit: answered above, whoops

  • Getting not available for power line:(

  • Ac5400 router price seems very good but looking at orbi mesh system for big house.

  • Honestly, Wireless1 can go shove it where the sun don't shine. I bought an Archer D7 from them… 3 faulty ones were sent to me. Years of having to deal with them in regards to it as well.

    • 3 faulty Archers? That's some bad luck…or another reason

      • Faulty. I would assume not Wireless1's fault, but how they handled it each time was really poor. I basically ended up with the 3 year warranty expiring before the issue was resolved.

        • What was the fault?

          • @gimme: Just stopped working.

            • @ShinK0: 3 times same issue?

                • @ShinK0: Wouldn't that imply that something else might be wrong? That would be the logical conclusion imo.

                  • @gimme: Based on my answers, it would imply that I can't quite remember the step by step issues as it happened 2-3 years ago. Basically connection kept cutting out and you'd have to reset the router to have it work for the next 15 mins. I switch it out with a TPG router and that worked fine. You have to troubleshoot with TP-Link in Taiwan before claiming warranty, they mentioned this happens often and just reissue another Archer D7.

                    • @ShinK0: 3 routers same issue implies some sort of incompatbility and/or musconfiguration. You're obviously free to attribute that to W1 being garbage and staying away but I suspect your experience would have been equally poor with the same device with any other seller.
                      I had similar issues with ubiquity routers but didn't blame the seller. Just gave the router to my brother where it's working flawlessly and bought a diffrent brand. This can happen with a mixed ecosystem of devices etc sometimes and extremely difficult to troubleshoot

                      • @gimme: Nope, been using the last D7 ever since and it is still perfectly fine. (I also own an IT company.) W1 isn't the manufacturer. I attributed them to be garbage due to customer service as stated above.

                        • @ShinK0: Ok cool you should have opened eith the fact that you own an IT company and I would have stopped there. I never question IT people's knowleadge across the entire technical spectrum.
                          On a serious note, they replaced it 3 times. Is your current D7 exact same version and same firmware?

  • Good deal OP, I'm not knocking you but would suggest people avoid the TP link TL-PA9020P. I experienced regular disconnects/random dropping out with this unit which requires you to power cycle the adapters at each end to fix. Google indicates I am not alone with the droput issue.
    For reference, I have tested both the D-Link DHP-P601AV and the Edimax HP-5103 in the same location and have not had similar issues. The TP Link was definitely faster than the two above when it works though.

    • So which would you use for connecting a non Wi-Fi NVR?

      • If you have good wifi signal strength in the location of your NVR, then just use a wireless bridge. You may even have an old router that can be run in wireless bridge mode. Ethernet over power devices are hit and miss. If you haven't used them in your home before they are a risk. They require good internal wiring and work best when powerpoints are on the same circuit. I have attempted to use various brands of EOP devices in older houses with little to no success. Expect frequent reboots.

      • Well, I'd assume for any recording application you'd want to set and forget it, so Id pick one of the other two that didnt drop out. But if you need greater than 10MB/s transfer for recordiung the two I suggested may not be for you either.

        I'll compare what I found below (house is around 10 years old so fairly new wiring, sending data to opposite end of house).
        - Edimax HP-5103 - File transfers in Windows around 5 MB/s, reliability great. Unit is large and blocks adjacent powerpoint.
        - D-Link DHP-P601AV - File transfers in Windows around 9 MB/s, reliability great. May not block adjacent powerpoint (depending on size) and has a passthough plug.
        - TP-Link TL-PA9020P - File transfers in Windows around 19-20MB/s, reliability quesionable with random disconnects approx every month or so. Unit is large and blocks adjacent powerpoint. If you dont mind rebooting it occasionally this is the better one, but I wanted to set it up in an unused power point behind heavy furniture (because the unit blocks adjacent points), so this was a hassle.

        Edit, and just for clarity, people's resutls and speeds are subjective with powerline depending on your house. The speeds I got may not be achievable for you etc, and similarly the TP-Link may work perfectly fine for you (as it appears to have done for others in this thread). YMMV.

    • suggest people avoid the TP link TL-PA9020P

      not my experience at all, although I do power off daily. My only issue is that they’re so wide, they block a socket in a dual outlet.

      • he literally says he needs to powercycle

        and you say you power off daily, of course you havent experienced the same issue since youre self troubleshooting it without realising

        doesnt negate his feedback

        • Specifically, ”regular disconnects/random dropping out” - is not my experience.

          self troubleshooting it without realising

          not troubleshooting - I regularly power off unused appliances - helps my planet, my bill, and perhaps, as a bonus, mitigate software bugs.

          • @AlexF: facepalm

            i know you arent "troubleshooting" but im saying the very act of turning off your appliances has the same net effect as someone following the troubleshooting steps of resetting the device

            That explains why you arent getting the same random disconnects, because you are inadvertently resetting it unintentionally, thereby mitigating it

            For most other users who leave it on, they will likely experience the dropouts because they arent turning off their devices to save $10/yr like you

  • Out of stock :((((((((

    Nooooo PA9020P

  • At this price (before it was OOS) I managed to grab the TP-Link TL-PA9020P kit. Looking forward to it arriving (even though I already have one:))
    Thanks OP

  • Got the TP link in a previous deal, works fantastic. Only thing is, it's bloody hugeeeeeeeee and will block a second power point on your wall…

  • Thought about the TP-link kit but if https://www.avforums.com/review/tp-link-tl-pa9020p-powerline... is accurate then i'd get faster speeds just getting a wifi 6 card and staying wireless.

  • The Powerline kit is back in stock

  • Discount code doesn't work anymore

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