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$28/Mth 100GB Mobile Plan for 6 Months @ Circles.life (Stack with $30 Cashback (Was $5) @ ShopBack)


The promotion offers 100GB for $28 for 6 months to only porting customers. This will be active from 15th to 21st Jan (both dates included). Customers can activate by 28 Feb to avail the offer. With the promo, the customers get +80GB of bonus per month for 6 months.


Cashback is not qualified for

  • Cashback is not available to existing Circles.Life customers
  • Customer who cancels the plan before 60 days since activation
  • SIM activated after 30 days of purchase
  • Cashback is not payable on usage of codes not listed on ShopBack as well as returns, exchanges & cancellations.
  • Cashback is not payable on purchases through Circles.Life App

Referral Links

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20GB bonus for 1 month for the referrer, and 20GB bonus per month for 3 months for the referee.

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    Noice. What's peoples opinion on Circle s.life ?

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      I have been using 5 connections for last 3 months, one of them is for Internet. All good, no issues. It uses Optus network.


      Is this post paid? Credit check?

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      You get what you pay for.

      The actual optus network is good, however, their customer service is abysmal, particularly if something goes wrong.
      My experience with them so far:
      -They ported my number to the wrong sim card, so another Circles customer had my number, was getting all my texts and phone calls
      -The replacement SIM they sent was then "lost"
      -They couldnt fix it, despite days of me contacting them
      -Had to go back to optus to port my number out again - even this process was laborious as optus couldnt even get a hold of them to get the details to port it out - eventually got that sorted
      -They still try and charge me for 2 months after that whole ordeal and me being "with them" for 2 days



        Agree, for me my data was working on the new sim but calls and sims were still going to the old network, tried many customer service reps with no luck until it just started working a few hours later after I gave up for the day. Also recently received a bill that did not have $10 monthly discount applied which was shortly followed by a mass email to advise the discount will appear soon.

        They also do not use VoLTE so calls are over 3G, which works but are noticeably different.

        Other than that for $18pm the network and circles have been great, the sim arrived within a day of ordering too.

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      It feels like they just set up the office here and all the staff there have minimal experience/untrained. Many human errors esp porting Optus > Optus.

      Mine went through fine but I hear others have issues. Id suggest porting to a Telstra/Voda sim and then port to them as the system is automatic when you do that.


    I have never subscribed a service via ShopBack. I am wondering when I should use the promotion code HELLO2020.


    Hi, the website doesn’t mention anything about 100GB. Are you sure that you will get 80GB bonus as they just talk about 20GB bonus.

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      Add a SIM and apply the promo. You will see this.

      Promo code used: HELLO2020
      +80GB bonus applied. By using this code, you accept the relevant T&Cs and acknowledge that you’re aware that your plan will change to 20GB for $28/mth after the end of the initial 6 months.

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    Warning on this one:
    I never got my Shopback refund for purchasing other SIM deals, their T&C indicate you can only place a claim within 2 weeks of purchase, however if you have not yet activated the SIM yet, there is no way to do that, thus you do not qualify for the refund within 2 weeks and after that you can't claim it.


    For anyone considering moving to Circles.life, my two cents as a previous customer:

    They were surprisingly good. Network was stable and speeds were great in the city and outer suburbs.

    My only issue with them was they didn’t offer voicemail - which I later realized I had come to rely on in my work.

    I ended up porting to Telstra with the $500 JB Gift Card deal towards the end of December. Honestly, big mistake. The network and speeds have been a noticeable step down - which is very disappointing, particularly since Telstra is ‘supposed to’ have the best mobile network.

    I’d port back in a heartbeat if I wasn’t locked in for 12 months.


      As someone who loves Visual Voicemail I was initially worried about the "lack of voicemail" too, but you do receive a text message with the audio message left for you attached instead. In my opinion this is a good alternative and is better than Optus' version of voicemail where you have to dial into it.

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    What happens after 6 months? The 100GB drops down to 20/40GB?

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    Brand name circles comes with a reason… if something goes wrong, circles will make you go circles till you put a full stop (circle) to it


    I recently moved to a new apartment and it had no reception. Called up circle life and they do not provide VoWiFi/WiFi calling. Looks like I'll be porting out

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