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[VIC] "Gloss'd Up" Car Exterior Detailing Package $250 @ Seductive Detail'n, Pakenham


One of my local detailers in Pakenham VIC is running a $250 special at the moment.

EDIT: Name change because people get upset when they have to read the deal.

Note: This isn't a basic wash. It includes machine polishing and mechanical paint decontamination.

Package Includes
  • Snow Foam pre-wash
  • 2 Bucket Hand Wash
  • Paint Decontamination (Claying)
  • Touchless Drying
  • Light paint correction
  • Exterior windows cleaned
  • Exterior plastics treated
  • Wheels & tyres cleaned and dressed
  • Gloss enhancement applied
  • Up to 12-month sealant applied

Side Note: Not affiliated with the business, just have used them before and they did a great job. This special was too good not to share.

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    What's the usual price? Seems a bit steep for a basic detail.


      No idea they generally tailor their prices per job as everyone is slightly different by car etc. I've seen a standard pricing sheet in the past on their Facebook but that was almost a year ago.

      That being said, I've paid $200+ from several detailers around Melbourne before just for a full exterior detail & paint decontamination. when you tack on an hour or two for a machine polish, the price is actually quite good considering that's usually around the $400-$500 mark elsewhere.

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    Good price for that assuming they do a good job!

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    Good price for all the work required, it's a solid 4-6 hours to complete all of that depending on size of the car.

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      If it's done properly.

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        Honestly this package would be kind of hard to stuff up, considering they are only quoting for a sealant (not a ceramic coating) and "light paint correction" - so that's a get out of jail card to skip any serious defects in the paint.

        Very good price for this service IMO but if I'm paying several hundreds of dollars for a detail already, I'd want at least a full paint correction and/or a coating (not personally as I'd DIY). I wonder if it would be possible to add either of these on to this package, which might make it really good value.


          Which sealant can last upto 12months?


            @Wantone: I assume its a low-grade coating such as CQuartz Lite or something similar. That being said, in the right conditions and with good prep, a good sealant can last up to 12 months, which is probably what they are referring to.


          Paul (the guy who runs it) would probably stack this with a coating package if you asked him.

          For $250 I wouldn't expect anyone to correct heavily swirled paint as that will take ages and would not be worth their time for the money.


    $250 and the interior isn't touched? What a rip.

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