3 Day Uluru Tour $349 Including Park Fees - Save $81 @ Backpacker Deals


2 Breakfast, 3 Lunch, 2 Dinner
Uluru Cultural Centre
Camping for 2 nights
Travel in an air-conditioned vehicle
Free pickup and dropoff from or to hotel/hostel (Alice Springs from 4.30 am - Uluru from 2.00 pm)
Professional guides
National Park Fees of $25

Uluru sunrise & sunset points
Uluru base walk (Mala Walk & Kuniya Walk or Lungkata Walk)
Mutitjulu Waterhole
Aboriginal cultural center
Kings Canyon (The Rim Walk including Garden of Eden or Creek Walk)
Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) - Valley of the winds walk
Curtin Springs
Alice Springs iconic sights

Sleeping bag hire is $30 for the duration of the tour or you can bring your own
Optional Field of Lights $42

Get ready to explore Australia's Red Centre! This 3-day, 2-night camping tour will have you hitting all the cultural highlights and hidden desert spots, so buckle up! You'll discover iconic Uluru, be wowed by striking Kata Tjuta and fall in love with breath-taking Kings Canyon.

Day 1 - Alice Springs to Ayers Rock (Lunch*, Dinner)
*Please note passengers joining the tour at Ayers Rock airport or resort will do so after lunch and therefore lunch is not included. Please ensure you have had lunch prior to pick up you will be travelling straight to Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park to start the afternoon’s sightseeing.
You can start from either Uluru itself or Alice Springs - it's an early rise if you choose the latter! Head off at 4:45 am to get to The Rock where you'll meet your fellow travellers.

Day 2 - Ayers Rock to Kata Tjuta (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 3 - Watarrka (Kings Canyon) to Alice Springs (Breakfast, Lunch)

This tour is for 3 days and 2 nights, beginning in either Alice Springs (4:45 am) or Uluru (2 pm) and finishing at 5:30 pm in Alice Springs on Day 3.

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  • +18 votes

    No climbing no deal LOL

    • +21 votes

      Ironic username.

      • -4 votes

        but but but …. I dont get it :'(

        OP user name or ^?

        • +1 vote

          not sure if troll but…

          username Dotherightthing (Do the right thing) states he'd do the wrong thing (climbing Uluru)

        • -1 vote

          holly cow batman, I see what OZB is turning into now with negative votes! lol

          I get a negative vote, because I really have no idea why the previous comment received many upvotes, and I made a guess as to why. Seriously you guys, tell me why you negged me. I am now even more confused

          1. Why did "Dotherightthing" get so many upvotes? and the relationship with "teach86" comment
          2. Why did i get negged for asking a question that I dont understand
          • +2 votes

            @db2k: I assume it's related to "Do the right thing" saying "no climb no deal", when PC people consider doing the right thing is not climbing… (not that we can climb anymore anyway)


            @db2k: Lol whats so bad about negative vote? I dont give you negative vote though, would you like one?


              @Dotherightthing: nothing wrong with a neg, my expectations were too high.

              I had expected that the ppl would actually be helpful and provide an answer.

              In retrospect, this is the interwebs so people are more than welcome to neg/bash anyone who asks a legitimate and valid question. So neg away pleaaaaase …


                @db2k: Yeah, I don’t get why you got negs for your question… Maybe people didn’t want to admit that they didn’t get it either so they took it out on you.

  • +10 votes

    National Park Should be free to all tax payers.


    The Gods have spoken, they don't want us there :(


    Pity it's the same price from Uluru. Flights are cheaper to there then Alice these days


      I just got back few weeks ago after doing a similar tour. I paid almost double because the tour I did stay in permanent twin tents in a camp site rather than in swags. Highly recommended even though it's very hot at this time of the year.

      All tours start in Alice Springs as that's where the tour companies are based and where they stock supplies. There is not much savings for those joining in Yulara as they will need to run empty seats from alice springs to yulara airport any way.


    I went there as a kid. We went back there several times to see it change colour but it never did. The only colour change we noted was due to sunset casting a reddish hue over it as it does all things.

    In the photos it is seen in much more contrasting colours such as black even.

    Also, when we climbed it, there was a rail to hold on to, but it doesn't extend all the way down to the bottom. You have maybe 50 meters without a rail. Going up a slope without a rail is not difficult. Coming down without a rail is very unsafe. You will pick up speed and momentum and involuntarily break into a run. You won't be able to stop or slow down your legs. Running down a relatively steep slope is incredibly dangerous and you are probably going to fall and hurt yourself.

    But I've heard they stopped letting people climb it. Or if they do, hopefully they extended the rail all the way to the bottom. It was a very long time ago since I last went there. If the rail hasn't been extended, make sure you go down very slowly. Pause after each step. Don't walk in a natural motion.

    Also, don't expect modern looking accomodation in the outback.


      Dude it was big news. No more climbing


        I'd heard about it already. But just in case they reversed the ban on climbing, I thought I'd share my experience. I don't keep abreast of developments in that neck of the woods.

        It was never really climbing, more like hiking whilst holding onto a rail.


      It was a big chain not a rail, and that's all been removed now so the ban cant really be reversed… There's no way they would ever install a new chain I think…


        a chain and rail serve the same purpose, so I call it a rail.

        I didn't know they removed it though. Now the rock is going to be full of holes all over it.

        Did they say why they banned climbing?

        • +1 vote

          Now the rock is going to be full of holes all over it.

          Holes from the steel posts were filled with a specially designed resin that mimicked the appearance of the rock.

          Did they say why they banned climbing?

          They had to ban the climb because the Rainbow Serpent eggs that are encased in it are due to hatch this century, they cant risk people being on the summit when the mammoth snakes start burrowing out…


            @FLICKIT: damn, that's a long incubation period. But it makes sense now.

          • +1 vote


            They had to ban the climb because the Rainbow Serpent eggs that are encased in it are due to hatch this century, they cant risk people being on the summit when the mammoth snakes start burrowing out…

            Man, I so dearly hope that’s true!