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Samsung Series 7 RU7100 50" 4K UHD LED TV $695 (Was $895) @ JB Hi-Fi

  • Universal Remote - Control your compatible devices with one TV remote.
  • Smart Hub - All your favourite apps in one place.
  • Works With - Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa.

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    I'd probably get the LG over this one for the same price https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/lg-50um7600pta-um76-serie...

    Better OS/interface, IPS panel has better viewing angles, and if the 65" version is anything to go by, better inbuilt speakers (may not be important for everyone).

    Or save $100 and get the 50" Hisense R6 for $595 (although HN were doing the 55" R6 for $595 over Christmas so it's hard to get excited about paying the same for a smaller screen).


    Waiting for the 75" back down to $1200-$1300 range.

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    May be someone can shed some light. I find that Samsung TVs in general look better for some damn reason they don't seem to last long. My last Samsung TV, developed a fault (faded patch on the top left corner) just after 6 years. I was looking for a used TV on Facebook and i found so many ads for faulty Samsung TVs with similar issues. Not sure if it's their quality control or inferior parts and it makes me want to stay away from Samsung. Not sure if others have experienced the same with Samsung.

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      I don't know how often you use your TV but I would be very happy with it lasting 6 years.

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      The other thing to consider is that there are probably more of them manufactured which is why there are more that appear.

      I know in the commercial situations many of the domestic models are still up in heavy use envrionements such as workplaces and shops and still work well

      The other consideration is when things go wrong I found them brilliant to work with to resolve issues too

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      I've had my 75" since 2013/14 and is still running great to this day. Maybe depends on the model line?

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      Had my 40" for 11 years, still going strong. None of the apps are updated… But all the non smart features are fine, the display is fine.


    In $760 you can buy 55 inch model.Ebay pickup.


      Got a link or anything we can look at it from? Thats not a very helpful statement otherwise :D


    I have this TV.

    Great picture. Fast channel change. Lots of apps. Speakers surprisingly good.

    A bit laggy when casting from laptop or phone. Could be the TV or the device.

    No wireless keyboard/mouse support. No PVR.

    Overall very happy.


    How good is this in comparison and whats the lowest price this would have been at or could be expected to get to with any upcoming sales?