Baby Bunting Got Scammed by Private eBay Seller?

I was looking to buy a stroller. RRP$499. was on sale $399 on the Baby Bunting website.

Managed to find a private ebay seller selling the same item for $349 delivered. Have a few positive feedback - selling strollers and car seats.

Decided to buy from this seller and waited for the delivery. Stroller was delivered and only enclosed with 'Delivery Note' from Baby Bunting.

Seller is no longer a registered eBay user. Chat support mentioned that the seller is under investigation.

Tried contacting Baby Bunting for a tax invoice. They cant find the order detail. seems like it has vanished from their system.

any idea how this seller does it?

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    Staff discount/stolen credit cards/scammed gift cards (like the JB Hifi guy)/etc.

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    So you received the product, but not an invoice?


      I received a delivery note on the product/package.

      The invoice might have been sent out to the fake email address on the order.

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    Triangulation fraud

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      Was going to say that as well. Sounds a lot like this

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        What are the chances. I saw that video 2 days ago at random.

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        I was about to say that too. "coffee machine talk…"

        I am still not sure Who is the real VICTIM here? the company?


      Triangulation fraud is when a customer makes a genuine purchase on a third-party marketplace, but the product they receive was fraudulently purchased from a different retailer's website.

      I'm not sure their internal system, but the staff member from Baby Bunting might not have access to view the invoice as it may have been flagged / modified on the backend due to being fraudulent.

      Scrimshaw locked me out of editing :D


        if it has been flagged as fraudulent. wouldn't they be able to contact AusPost to re-route the package back to them?

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          That's the thing with triangulation fraud.

          Baby Bunting receives the money, so they give the thumbs up.
          You receive the product, so you give it a thumbs up.
          It can take a month before the stolen credit card gets reported, as people don't actively check their statements until they receive the end of month statement.

          This means that the alarms don't get raised until it's too late.


            @rompastompa: I have paid the seller using PayPal. If I claim a PayPal dispute and got refunded. Who's the loser here?

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              @PissLUR: Everyone besides the bank. The bank never loses.

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              Stroller was delivered

              On what basis would you claim a PayPal dispute? You got the goods…

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                @HighAndDry: on the basis of triangulation fraud. I want to return the product to Baby Bunting and get back my money.

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                  @PissLUR: But you're not the victim in the fraud. You paid the money and got the goods…

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                    @HighAndDry: It's an incomplete item. For example, without the tax invoice, you can't claim GST back when you fly overseas. So you've paid for something, and got less than you paid for.

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                      @BadMotivator: OP purchased from a private seller off eBay. A tax invoice is only needed if GST was charged, and private sellers can sell without GST. There's nothing entitling OP to a tax invoice in this case.

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                  @PissLUR: You didn't purchased good from baby bunting. They are not required to provide a remedy.

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                  @PissLUR: You already have the item and at a good price. Why do you want to return it for a refund?

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                  @PissLUR: why?
                  you get the goods and you didn't do the fraud.

                  it's possible that baby bunting may ask you to return the goods but then they should refund you whatever amount you have paid.

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                    @PissLUR: why?
                    you get the goods and you didn't do the fraud.

                    It sounds that PissLUR was planning on enacting another fraud, by returning the stroller to the retail store and claiming a refund.

                    Spend $349, get $399 back.

                    Reminds me of a saying: "you can't cheat an honest man".

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                  @PissLUR: You are basically the recipient of stolen merchandise. You can either do nothing and keep the pram or report it to the police and possibly have to hand it in or back to Baby Bunting, meaning you'd be out of pocket $350.

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              @PissLUR: You'll be the loser. Paypal will request you return the items. You'll get your money back, be without the item, and have wasted a crapload of your time as they'll place the funds on hold for ~90 days minimum to resolve.

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          Like everyone else is saying, why do you want to return it now? You bought it off ebay from XYZ seller and not Baby Bunting.

          I've tried to help you, but now I don't understand your motive…

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      but there is no record for this order on BB' system.

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        Maybe the eBay user is working in the warehouse and just posts goods? Pretty ballsy scam if that's the case :D

        Also; Con (delivery) notes and invoice numbers are different. Are they looking at the delivery notes or invoice number? They might have two separate systems, and the person you spoke to might be looking at the wrong system.

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        Could be that they just can't find that order with the details you provided, because only the (potential) scammer has the actual order details?


          I used the Order No from the BB's Delivery Note.

          I'm not sure their internal system, but the staff member from Baby Bunting might not have access to view the invoice as it may have >been flagged / modified on the backend due to being fraudulent.

          It makes sense if the order has been flagged and a member can no longer retrieve/view the order.

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    Have you seen the Baby Bunting store in Moore Park Supa Centre? Delivery bay is in the corner of the complex with products strewn all over the outside public walkways. Anyone walking by can pick up boxes of stuff easily and there's evidence of large boxes being tampered with. Wouldn't be surprised if they were reselling stolen items.

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    Baby Bunting didn't get scammed - the scammer just used Baby Buntings name - not their fault.

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    If you received the product from a seller who isn't Baby Buntings that you knowingly bought it from . You're only issue is a tax invoice that you won't receive until Ebay reinstate the seller if at all .

    Bigger issues in the world OP !

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      need tax invoice for warranty and trs.

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        Managed to find a private ebay seller selling the same item for $349 delivered.

        Buyers won't be able to claim GST if the seller isn't registered for GST.

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        need tax invoice for warranty and trs.

        But you knew full well that you were buying from a private seller at time of purchase.

        Why the decision now to try to get an invoice, besides greed?

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          i have communicated with the seller before making the purchase. the seller agreed to this.

          and because the seller is now unreachable. i tried to contact BB directly.

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            @PissLUR: So the topic should be you got scammed a tax invoice by an eBay seller who promised you one.
            Be thankful that's all you lost if it is a dodgy seller!

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        TRS for a stroller? That sounds dodgy af.


          not sure why that would be dodgy

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          Why? It's a carry on item, and you'll get a good 35 bucks back from the taxpayer…

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            @BadMotivator: For the love of all things holy, don't carry a stretcher onto a plane.


              @zeggie: Strollers can fold up as small as carry on and fit in overhead.


                @takezo: This one does not.

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                  @zeggie: Umm yes it does. OP is talking about the Baby Jogger City Tour 2, which like the Yoyo pram is designed to be folded and taken on board and meets carry on requirements. I know this because I was eyeing up the exact same pram but ended up getting it from Baby bunting direct last weekend for $322 with a mad combination of now expired deals.

                  I have been watching this pram for months and the MO of that seller is set up a new ebay account, sell some popular prams and baby seats for $50 - $100 less than best price on market, ship out the items using the triangulation fraud Jazz already covered and keep going till account is suspended. They might even pick up a few positive feedbacks along the way which will push the ‘on fence doubters’ to go ahead and buy the prams as well, further boosting sales. Then they just set up another account and repeat. If you do a sold item search on ebay you’ll see this going back at least 2 - 3 months. Even though different accounts are used it’s always the same honeypot attractive price.

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    You didn't buy from Baby Bunting. You bought from an ebay seller. The ebay seller needs to provide the tax invoice. You'll never get it.

    They likely bought items from Baby Bunting using stolen card details and put your details down as the delivery address.

    If you persist with asking Baby Bunting for the original tax invoice, likely in a fake name, likely purchased with stolen card details and subsequently reversed, then delivered to your name and address, then expect Baby Bunting requesting you return the fraudulently bought goods :)

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    It amazes me how some people get by in life.

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      At least he realised (sort of). He's just gone the complete opposite direction and tried to milk it some more with the TRS…

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      Most of the top five threads at any given time that show at the bottom of the main Ozbargain webpage make me wonder this.

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    Greed is good.


    Nearly fell in trap with that seller. He's a private seller and nothing to do with BB or Baby Jogger. Lucky I found different seller with same photo product and price but one mentioned it came from BB and the other one from baby jogger so I passed. looks sus.

    Here is the pram that cost 349$. This was way back November.

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    Whats to say the seller didn't buy the stroller from baby bunting then decide to sell it to you after taking the invoice? Just because they have reused the baby bunting packaging and left a consignment note doesn't mean you have any relationship with Baby Bunting.

    There's heaps of reasons why some one could have done this and many of them are not fraud. Maybe they get a staff discount that enables them to sell strollers profitably for $50 less, maybe they bought it and just regretted the purchase, maybe they got given it and didn't like it.


      So why is the seller account blocked and under investigation?

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        Most likely fraud (not against the OP though), but eBay also has been know to lock accounts pretty arbitrarily especially if they sell a high volume of expensive items in a short amount of time.

        Either way the OP is trying to have his cake and eat it too. They got the stroller, for a cheaper price and now they're demanding the support of a large retail chain for warranty and TRS but they didn't want to pay the $50 more.

        Theres no indication that the product is defective or the warranty will not be honored by the manufacturer and they're still better off paying $50 less but missing the $39 TRS refund.


          The buyer may claim the warranty directly from the manufacturer.

          Asking for a refund doesn't make any sense.

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            @whooah1979: Lot of manufacturers are going to need proof of purchase (so they're not fulfilling warranty claims on stolen goods) so OP might be SOL there too.

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          private ebay seller is unlikely to have ABN.
          So it's a long shot to but from private ebay seller and hoping to claim TRS.

          but yeah, still don't understand OP.

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    Haha. This happened to me twice OP. I believe same seller. I bought a car seat. You see that there is a mobile number on the Delivery note? And they made up a fake email?

    Anyway. Send me a PM. I will tell you how to get the original invoice from BB.

    I don't think PayPal will refund you. Your purchase agreement was with ebay. You got your item correctly. Doesn't matter who shipped it to you.

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    I too bought an ebay pram at what was $50 off sale price and about $100 of RRP. Seller had less than 10 positive feedbacks and my overall experience was satisfactory. I got the pram, it looked legit, and that was the end of the transaction.

    Pram has been great! The seller's ebay account was eventually deactivated also, they were located in Flemington in Melbourne.

    I bought from this seller knowing that there would be no invoice, as none was ever stated for inclusion and the ebay seller name was clearly not a major business name.

    It's just annoying seeing OP try to get resolution on their situation (due to lack of understanding or other) via BB and validation from OZB.

    I'm aware of the arrangement of drop-shipping, I just didn't know that was it's name. It happened to me in the past - it was just a learning lesson to be more savvy buyer and do research.

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