Xiaomi Qicycle $950 + Shipping @ Kogan


Same price at last time, but unfortunately shipping not free this time. Metro shipping should be around $48.

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  • +1 vote

    Qicycle…. Qicycle….
    I love to ride my Qicycle, I love to ride my Qike

  • +1 vote


    Looks like an very uncomfortable ride for anyone of decent height.

    • +1 vote

      Poor indecent people


      I stopped listening when Linus said "a kickstand is an essential feature for every bike IMO".

      No "real cyclist" would ever say that in public :-) He will be wanting a basket next.

      A beautiful design and not too heavy. A good way for elderly, disabled or lazy people to get back on a bike.


        Electric bikes are excellent for short city commutes. they're the norm in china


          sorry :)
          I've been in China in summer, and any physical exertion made me shower sweat, so can see the attraction there!
          Brisbane is a bit the same?

          But I'm lucky to live in a less humid climate now, and pedalling at 20km/hr is like walking. Except for hill-climbs or powerful headwinds. Will get an e-bike when the battery tech improves, and they can compete with mopeds in speed and range. In WA you can ride a 50cc moped with a standard car license, and they leave eBikes for dead.

          A + vote from me for any eBike under $1k that is light, good quality, and beautiful.


    I bought this one from the last deal and pretty happy with it. However it has once reduced further to around $849 before Xmas. I assume it will go down again as this model has been discontinued in China already. Kogan will need to clear the stock for the 2nd gen.
    However, the 2nd gen is not very good reviewed. The biggest fault is it's no more foldable which means in some countries it's not allowed in public transportation.


    Will probably get this once I get my Kogan money $500 credit

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