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The Complete Digital Photography Book: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started as a Photographer, Master the Art of Posing, Shooting and Creating Your Own Amazing Photographs
by Eric Anderson, 216 pages, published Jan 8, 2020

Amazon’s Description:

Are you a photographer that wants to learn more about photography? Will you like to perfect your photo shooting skills and know all it takes to be a better photographer? Do not worry, this book has all you need to become a better photographer.
The Complete Digital Photography Book goes beyond just a photography manual. It is a guide for both beginners and professional photographers and a work tool based on personal experience. In this book, I shared everything you need to know about photography, ranging from how to shoot for a clearer image , how to position your model, ways to improve sharpness of your photos, how to know the right type of lens to use for your photoshoot, how to edit your photos and how to get started with photography even if you are a beginner. You will also learn about series of best cameras to choose when starting out photography either for your personal hobby or business, how you can achieve a successful photoshoot session and all the equipment you need to achieve amazing photographs and become an excellent photographer.
This resource is shared into 5 sections, with each section divided into chapters to easily apply the workflow and practice the different techniques available. It is an excellent book to have on hand while you are on an outdoors photoshoot. It is also an essential aide for personal study.
Get your camera, explore and have fun.
Find more in this book.

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