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LEGO 75252 Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer + 10714 Blue Baseplate $834.74 Delivered @ Myer


Myer is having a 'Buy 1 get 1 50% off' sale on Lego (some exclusions apply) and other toys. Rather than the cheapest being 50% off, they take 25% off the price of each. They have surprisingly included the 75252 Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer which comes down to $825 (best price so far). Any combo of included items can be used. At time of posting Death Star also available.

LEGO Blue Baseplate 10714Blue Baseplate 10714

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    Refund the baseplate after if you don't want it. Myer is happy to refund only that portion


    If only they had the millennium falcon :(


    I recently saw the UCS ISD on display at a Lego event and can happily say I won't buy it. This is coming from someone who loves the ISD and thinks it's totally badass. It was big but SO boring.

    I think that something like the UCS Y-wing is far better value for money, and WAY more fun to look at. Nice find though OP!


      How does the inside look? Any details like the falcon?


        No, there's no interior spaces in this Star Destroyer, unlike in the UCS Falcon. It's a pure, static display model.

        To be the fair, the interior spaces in the Falcon aren't really that interesting or even usable; and like with all UCS sets, opening or moving any part of the model just results in a lot of accidental breakage. They really are not meant for play.

        That being said, the cavernous interior of the Star Destroyer is mostly empty and could be modded to include interior spaces, but you would need to add more structural support and reinforcement.


      I had the previous UCS one. I was so bored building it. It barely hung together too.


        It barely hung together too.

        Yeah that was a well-known issue with the old 10030 ISD and that set was from 2002, not to mention, it was physically smaller and 2,000 pieces less overall. Lego has come a long way in 17 years and the 75252 ISD has a much stronger construction.


          Yeah, for sure. It would have to be more robust.

          I am not sure I would expect this to be a fun build though. I haven't looked into the instructions to confirm


    Also add the Amex offer for myer "Spend $200 or more, get $40 back" EXPIRES 05/02/2020

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    Is it worth buying one to resell later? How many people out there are willing to shell out 1k on a Lego set? I'd hate to be stuck with such a huge set for too long.

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      Star Wars theme isn’t the best performing Lego and seems to be grinding with too many similar repeats .
      I wouldn’t have faith in future appreciation .

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      Star Wars is going down hill as is Star Wars Lego. I wouldn't invest in this - atleast not at this price. At $500 maybe.

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      I'll regurgitate a lengthy reply I sent via PM to someone asking me about flipping Lego sets as an investment, as this might be of interest to more people.

      Warning: Here be text.

      You certainly can make a decent buck by buying desirable sets now and reselling them in the future, but it's been getting harder and harder to do for a couple of reasons:

      • Lego is re-releasing older, popular sets far more regularly these days (especially Star Wars sets). Case in point, this 75252 Star Destroyer. Its predecessor from 2002 was regularly selling for $3,000 - 5,000 on eBay for sealed, in-box examples (12-16 times the original launch price). Now that the 2019 re-release has launched, you can expect the resale value to plummet to nothing, as the 2019 model is better in every conceivable way. Same goes for the current UCS Millenium Falcon, which absolutely killed the resale value of the original 2007 model, which up until 2017, could go for as high as $4,000 - 6,000 (4-6 times the original launch price).

      • As much as diehard Lego purists like me hate it, Lepin and other Chinese clone manufacturers are not going away (despite losing lawsuits in court and having their factories raided by the police in China) and they monitor the demand and value of older sets on the resale market and re-manufacture the most popular ones accordingly. Case in point, and a set that I wanted for the longest time, the 2011 Super Star Destroyer. It sold for around $300-400 AUD back in 2012 and now goes for $1,500 - 2,000 on the resale market. The Lepin clone on the other hand costs $125 (USD) and for a lot of people, it won't matter that Lepin are scumbags and that the quality control is piss poor, as long as it looks mostly the same from a distance. Though I still maintain they have a long way to go in terms of being a 1:1 replica of the real thing, Lepin have been getting better and better in terms of production quality and strategically re-releasing very desirable sets and even community MOCs and this is definitely dragging down the resale market's demand as a result.

      • It's getting harder to predict which sets are going to end up as the most sought-after by AFOLs and collectors and which ones Lego won't re-release. Look at some non-Star Wars UCS sets for example, like the Batman Tumbler or the Marvel SHIELD Helicarrier. Both are very highly-regarded for their design, accuracy and builds and both will probably not see a re-release anytime soon since they were launched to coincide with big, blockbuster superhero films where those vehicles were featured very prominently. I would say they can only go up in value, whereas Star Wars is by far and away Lego's biggest, licensed IP cashcow and hence, Lego just keeps putting out new versions of older stuff every single year. Just in 2019 alone, we had a deluge of Star Wars re-releases: the Droid Gunship, AT-AP, Slave I - 20th Anniversary Edition, Tantive IV, Kylo Ren's Shuttle, another minifig scale X-Wing, another minfig scale Millenium Falcon, another minifig scale Y-Wing, another minifig scale AT-ST (the last 4 have some minor cosmetic differences from previous incarnations, but they're the same design) and the UCS Star Destroyer. Some of those sets like the Clone Wars-era Droid Gunship and AT-AP weren't hugely popular and Lego still re-released them, so it goes to show you how unpredictable Lego's view of certain sets can be.

      • More competition from dedicated, online Lego resellers like JustBricks, iWOOT, Hobby Warehouse, Shopforme and BrickLink (BrickLink really undercuts a lot of the resale value potential of sets when people can break-down and individually resell the most valuable minifigs and parts from expensive sets for even more money). These stores tend to hoard huge amounts of stock and you can find desirable sets for sale on those sites well after they've been discontinued and sold out at bricks and mortar retailers for a year or two ago. 10 years ago the Lego resale market was just eBay and Lego sales were nowhere near as frequent as they are today, so eBay resellers could charge what they wanted. These days it's a lot harder to be profitable (also because eBay takes a bigger cut), unless the set you own is going for at least 4 times its RRP on the resale market.

      The days of just lackadaisically buying whichever big sets you saw on sale and then waiting 2 years to put it up on eBay with the expectation that you should get at least 2 or 3 times what you paid for it, are over. These days the resale market is a lot more nuanced and a requires a lot more careful analysis.

      It's not unlike what happened to cryptocurrency and mining when Bitcoin was at its peak in value; at one point in time everyone and their grandmother could just slap some old GPUs into a PC case and mine away and actually make a decent return in a few months time. These days, you need a coordinated mining pool consisting of dozens of people with purpose-built hardware that requires a lot of configuration and maintenance as well as very carefully selected currencies to have a shot at even making back your expenses in 6 months time.

      The Lego resale market was a lot more niche and obscure back in the day and that kept the barriers to entry a bit higher and the supply a bit lower, but like with cryptocurrency, it became oversaturated and everyone wanted a piece of the action and unfortunately this ruined that nice little passive income racket people had been working on for years.

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        Great insights thx.

        How about seasonal and limited sets eg CNY sets etc? Are they still good for investment?
        They won't re release for at least 12 years later im guessing and will likely be different variations

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          How about seasonal and limited sets eg CNY sets etc? Are they still good for investment?

          I honestly wouldn't know too much about the resale potential of the CNY sets.

          My collection exclusively consists of Star Wars and Technic, with a few Lego Creator sets; so most of my research on the Lego resale market is focused on those themes.

          The general trend seems to be that the most profitable sets on the resale market, were also fairly expensive at launch (at least $200-800 RRP in Australia).

          You just don't see too many sets that had an RRP of $100 or less, like most of the CNY sets, selling for 3-5 times that price on the resale market (unless by some miracle you have sealed boxes of discontinued, historically-popular Lego themes from the 1970s-1990s such as Lego Space, Lego Pirates, Lego Castle, Lego Wild West or Lego Aquazone).

          If I was going to invest in Lego today, I would invest in flagship sets with a piece count of at least ~1,000 and with an RRP of at least $300. Anything less is just going to give you such a measly return, even if it does increase in value, and once you factor in shipping/eBay fees, it may not even turn a profit.


    Good deal, if anyone wants to buy 2 and sell that other at cost its a slightly better deal @ 825 each.


    Still about $250 too much. I expect to see large fire sales on this one


    Not working for me. Blue base plate plus tree house.

    I wonder if it excludes the "Ideas" range.


    Cool, time to use my Coles & Myer gift card from Amex for an additional 20% discount.


    Appears this is no longer valid. Tried to check it out and the Myer store just doesn’t even have the item listed. Not sure if they’ve sold out or realised their error?


    I bought in store for the 50% off deal.

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