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LEGO 10269 Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Fat Boy $119.25 Delivered @ David Jones


Lego 10269 Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Fat Boy $119.25 with David Jones' 25% off Lego this weekend. First time seen in retail and on sale.

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David Jones
David Jones

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    Sweet! I don't like Harleys but I like Lego!

  • +4

    Sweet! I like Lego but I don't like Harleys!

  • +4

    Sweet! Lego I like but Harleys I don't like

  • +4

    Dude! I don't like Harleys, but I like Lego!

  • +9

    Sweet! My son Harley really likes lego!

  • +4

    Mate! I like Harley's and I like Lego!

  • +5

    Lego! I like sweets but I don't like Harley's.

  • +8

    Sweet Lego! I like dudes and I like Harleys!

    • Let's go Harley!

  • +3

    Sweet! I like Lego Harleys but I don't like David Jones!

  • Can't add to cart for no reason!

  • error adding to cart…

  • Can't add to bag

  • If the Add To Cart box disappears it means it's sold out.

  • Dammit sold out

  • +2

    I can't bring myself to buy this set. It is begging for chrome pieces and looks off in the regular silver colour.

    • ^ This.

      I wish Lego would do things properly.

    • I have to agree. Lego discontinued those shiny chrome and gold pieces due to some half-assed concern that the finish wore off too easily, especially when kids handled them, and this would ruin the look of sets that utilised them heavily.

      It's like, yes, that's why you can use them in AFOL-oriented sets instead, because adults won't try to chew on them. Lego's damn Helen Lovejoy outlook strikes again.

  • DJ really seem to have pretty crap sets on offer

  • +1

    If anyone is still looking for this set, its currently available at ShopForMe at 20% off. Catch is that you need to spend $200 for free shipping though!

  • +1

    It's back in stock - 124 in stock as of now

  • Back in stock now!

  • Thank you, I had been holding out for this set!

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