Subscription cancellation not taking effect

I commented on and later unsubscribed from but the emails keep coming



    Well finally it has stopped. Not sure what happened

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    Is it listed here under "Subscribed Threads"?
    You can also disable email alerts by unticking the box and only have web alerts

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      It's not listed there and yes I am aware I can disable email alerts. One of the mods responded, so maybe it's a broader issue

  • We are seeing some reports this morning of emails being delayed, we are still looking into it.

    By the sounds of it, the emails you are receiving were from comments made before you unsubscribed, but due to the delay you are only receiving them now (can check the timestamp to verify that).



      This sounds right, the comments are around 2 hours old, from before my unsubscribe

    • The email queue was backlogged but is almost completely caught up now, so it should be resolved. Users should have seen emails come through slowly.

      Some users may have just received a heap of backlogged emails in the past 15 minutes, as the end of the queue processed quickly.

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    Lifes tough when you get a few unwanted emails……

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      Honestly I don't follow this line of thought. What are you trying to say here? I'm not whining or crying poor. I'm not even complaining that there are too many comments in the thread.

      This is simply a bug report. If I were running any service, I would also love to hear if there are user facing issues.


        You are whining, you could have sent the mods a message and looking at that post you had been getting all these emails from, it had a handful of replies, so its not like you got flooded with messages. A those 3 extra emails, poor you.

        This is simply a bug report

        No it was a whine. Use the contact next time

        • The user is using site discussion to discuss an important site issue, it's quite fine to do. We haven't made a site announcement about it so this also acts an FYI to others. These comments are unnecessary.

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