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All Nippon Airways to Tokyo, Japan Ex PER $608, SYD $609, Osaka Ex SYD $598, PER $600 (May to Sep) @ Beat That Flight


ANA is back to promote their new partnership with Virgin and has a stunner of a deal to Japan!

This 5-star airline flies direct from Sydney and Perth to Tokyo.

Airline: All Nippon Airways
Alliance: Star Alliance

Sample dates:

Perth to Tokyo (all $608 Return)

18 May to 31 May
21 May to 3 Jun
22 May to 04 Jun
17 Jun to 27 Jun
18 Jun to 24 Jun
01 Jul to 13 Jul
02 Jul to 14 Jul
31 Aug to 04 Sep
01 Sep to 07 Sep

Sydney to Tokyo - all $609 Return

06 Aug to 17 Aug
07 Aug to 18 Aug
08 Aug to 19 Aug
11 Sep to 21 Sep

Perth to Osaka

$600 Return - 05 Aug to 20 Aug
$602 Return - 03 Aug to 18 Aug
$602 Return - 03 Aug to 21 Aug

Sydney to Osaka

$598 Return - 03 Aug to 18 Aug
$598 Return - 02 Aug to 18 Aug
$614 Return - 02 Aug to 17 Aug
$617 Return - 06 Aug to 17 Aug
$636 Return - 21 May to 28 May

many other dates exist too, just try the ones you want. Qantas and JAL have pretty good prices too.

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  • +9 votes

    Japan is incredible. The people and their culture are just out of this world!

    Much respect for such an awesome country with such awesome people :)

    • +2 votes

      I agree

      every time I get there, I just can't draw the connection between the people and the atrocities that the Japanese created in WW2

      Its a mad mad world

      • +1 vote

        Then again they didn't invent the nuclear bomb we did

        • +1 vote


          Though it’s quite an odd site to see a Japanese in public lose their temper or create a scene

          Quite common in the cities here


            @YLD1: well that escalated quickly

  • +1 vote

    Any deals for Brisbane or gold coast?


      Sure, on our site - click on Brisbane. However, ANA doesn't fly from Brisbane so it wasn't included in this post.

  • +1 vote

    I too would like an answer to that Brisbane question.

  • +2 votes

    Brisbane to Tokyo will be served by Vrigin soon.


    Was going to book but then I read this article :(


      Eek, I'm going to Japan next week, praying that hopefully it doesn't get bad


      The chances of catching said virus are that minuscule….. in saying that, obviously not a great thing.

      • +1 vote

        The chances of catching said virus are that minuscule

        Wasn't that how SARS started? Genuine question.


      I just came back from Japan last week after spending 10 days and didn't get anything (went to the end of the year sales at major department stores and crowded public transports).
      You need to make sure you wash your hands regularly and before eating.

  • +1 vote

    Damn that is cheap.

    I booked a flight for march-april via HK only days ago for $1256.

    Direct flights to Japan were over $2000.


    Theres been news that ANA charges a fee if you want to sit next to your friends/family/traveling companion. Whilst this is a great price, I wonder how much that fee is and if it's worth it in the end because it's charged at the airport, and not upon purchasing tickets. Can anyone confirm and comment?


      Yes to choose seats you’ll need to pay for that privilege


    May/June is great weather in Japan, but I find July/August too hot and humid. We were in Tokyo in July 2018 and the weather was very unpleasant - great if you are at the beach but not in one of the largest cities in the world. The Olympics this year would be a great trip apart from the weather


    Waiting for end of November!!!!