US Tech Stocks in Bubble?

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    Everything is overvalued now


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    Like 'em or not, AAPL investments are a pretty sound thing. Significant growth year on year and only going up.

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    Even my grandma is into crypto


    Maybe, the world's only getting more technologically advanced though. The new trade deal will delay any kind of decline imho.

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    Nobody knows.

    Best if you just by the tech index and drip money in. Only money you can afford to lose. If it tanks start dripping more money in.


    When you are starting a pool maybe please provide some background, fact, news, and your own experience and educational view? Instead of just let's pool of this let's pool of that?


    Let's pool of from where fish Learn to swim….


    If they were overvalued everyone would start selling, if under they would buy. Since neither are happening they are valued just right.

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      You know, we hear thos things before every crash, and it will come just a matter of time. The problem is people get greedy.


        Thing is, they are still valued just right during a crash too. Stocks are only worth what traders are willing to pay. The market literally dictates what anything is worth at any given time.


          The real answer is to spread buy so you aren’t being at the peak of the market and make sure you can hold on so you don’t have to sell at the bottom.

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    I thought the OzBargain browser stats today were interesting. Only 1/4 Safari. That reflects the wider market where Apple isn't doing so well. Share price has doubled since end of 2018 yet they are losing market share. The ads with Slowfies really show how stagnant development has become. 4 rear cameras?


      Probably shows that tightarses are Android dominate. They sell premium products so not surprised about those stats. The whole phone market is stagnant and guess who everyone copies when they release phones? Until that trend changes, Apple will always be on top.

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      Profit share matters more to Apple than market share. Apple has the highest profit margins in the business. In 2015 Apple received 90% of the profits from the smartphone market, that's 9 times all the other manufactures combined. This article:
      Apple Continues To Dominate The Smartphone Profit Pool only has figures up to 2017 when their profit share was 79%.

      Also, do the browser stats distinguish between notebook and mobile devices? Apple has never had a high notebook market share.


      Umm… Browser preference =/= not using an Apple device. I mainly use my mbp and i almost always use chrome. Though, after swtiching from windows to macOS, i would never go back.

      The loss in market share doesn't really matter, since apple price the devices for the high end niche. More so, i think you should have a look at the iphone 11 sales.

      My opinion may be a little biased since i have stock in apple, but nevertheless, i don't see it dropping in 2020, especially with the iphone overhaul coming this year.

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    When your hairdresser started buying crypto the market crashed.

    When your hairdresser starts buying AAPL the market is done.

    The right time to buy is right after the crash is done.


    And how many people have a crystal ball who can pick the bottom?


    I just bought some TECH etf's so no, it's currently undervalued


    The market never goes down
    Where else are you going to put your money?

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      The TINA theory - there is no alternative.
      When you suddenly have half as much money, you discover there were alternatives, they just didn’t offer very high returns!

      I’m not saying I don’t hold any equities, but they are obviously high. It is necessary to look at other sectors too.
      After the Dotcom bubble, most tech stocks didn’t really become “cheap” in the way many sectors did after the GFC, but they typically did lose 3/4 of their value. I personally wanted to buy eBay shares, but they never got down to a valuation below “extremely high”. Of course, they were falling from mega, mega, mega high.

      So I learnt to my cost people overstate each end. When things are good, they believe they will never end, and when things are bad they will never improve.


    Can only get better

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