Car Finance Rates - Who and What's Reasonable These Days

Does anybody have details of any companies offering competitive rates on car finance?

Looking at replacing our 12 year old X Trail and aren't sure who are decent in the market these days. Key thing would be minimal fees for early termination, as I suspect we would clear the finance within 12 - 18 months.



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    How much redraw is available on your home?Far cheaper than financing with a finance company.(just a thought.)


    That was the initial thought and where we may end up going. Was just curious if anyone knew of any great offers at present.

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    Why not keep the X-Trail for the 12-18months and pay cash?

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      Too many things starting to go wrong and the expense to fix isn't worth the outlay.

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        Fair enough, my accountant looked into it for me a couple of days ago, low 4%s was the going rates. He said check out what rates the dealers are offering so we can work out the best option. (Mine is a business purchase though).

        At that % any small savings you can get on top are going to have bugger all impact when you are only looking at 12-18mo anyway

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    Broker here.

    Consumer finance (personal use) is generally 5.00% - 6.50%pa. No early termination fees for consumer finance in Australia.

    Business finance (business use) is generally 3.50% - 5.00%. Most will have early termination fees.

    Make sure you run any quotes you get from the dealer through an online loan calculator to ensure the rate they are quoting is actually the rate.

    Also look out for establishment fees as these can be excessive.


    Replacing with new or used? Several brands do <3% finance offers on new cars every now and again.

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