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Samsung 55" Q60 QLED 4K TV $980 + Delivery @ Appliance Central eBay


Good discount by Appliance central. Current price at JBH/HVN/TGG/Bing Lee is $1195 + Delivery so this is about a 18% discount.
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    • Good rating

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      Stuff that they gave a minus for are for 99.9% users stupidities. For a a Qled TV, that size and packed with features, great image, smart TV, you can't go wrong.

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        I’m pretty sure more than 0.1% of users view HDR content and one of the biggest drawbacks of this TV is that it’s nowhere near bright enough for HDR.

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          Honesty the difference between SDR and HDR is way more noticeable than 1080p and 4k to me - hard to go back from it. Im really glad i put the bit extra in to get a C9, after i had earlier considered something like this, but everyone has different requirements.

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            @Gmetal: Totally agree, HDR is my favourite part of getting a UHD TV, even if it’s not hitting that 1000nits.

            Streaming 4K in particular on Netflix etc, it’s so compressed I don’t notice a jump from 1080 to 4K sometimes

        • Just about every TV isn't bright enough for HDR. If you're referring to 1000 nits Most TVs don't get close.

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            @adrianhughes1998: Just because a TV can't hit 1000 nits doesn't mean HDR won't look good. HDR/dolby vision is amazing on OLED's even though they don't get anywhere near that. Although infinite contrast ratio helps with this.

            Regardless, difference here is entry level TV's like this almost look exactly the same as SDR content. May as well not even have HDR. It's in name alone essentially.

            • @bert-lifts: That's my point.

              Er actually my Sony X800D from 2016 looks good with HDR and i can tell the difference. I tried 4K downloads of some movies and compared to 4K 10bit HDR. Definite difference with lighting and all of that.

  • how does it compare to sony x8000G or 8500G? or do they even in the same league?

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    Anyone know if the Backlit is frame or full? Thanks, as the viewing angle is poor on samsung, shouldn't have to be unless it's frame lit.

    • "on Samsung"… As in all Samsungs?? Wow.

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      It’s bottom-edge lit with no local dimming. Not sure what that has to do with viewing angles though? It’s a VA type LCD with no wide viewing angle technology so the viewing angle will be poor.

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        Well uhd samsung TV's have few variants, back lit frame lit etc. I had a frame lit one and it was viewable only from the front, if you'd move even a bit on the side you'd see shadowing, washed out image etc. That's why I asked what kind of Backlit technology is on this Qled model. They all cut corners wherever they can, it takes 80% less LEDs to frame lite or even worse in this case if you're right, just one side, bottom lit compared to proper full Backlit, awful.

        • The next one up Q7 has a direct backlight in this size, I bought my dad that a year ago and it’s an awesome TV, but he either watches fundie satellite crapola or has ABCnews24 on all day. A waste. If this Q6 had been there at this price I would have gotten this instead.
          Appliance Central has the 55 Q7 but it isn’t a good deal.

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            @entropysbane: The next model up in the 2019 line up is the Q75R. It is direct backlit with full array local dimming.

            The 2017 and 2018 Q7 were both bottom-edge lit however the 2018 Q7 is an incredible TV. It has the biggest colour volume of any consumer TV and reaches insane levels of peak brightness.

            • @tp0: You are entirely correct. Q75R I meant, but lazy.

              • @entropysbane: Samsung don’t exactly make their product line up simple. Sony’s TV model names might be stupidly long but at least they’re consistent.

          • @entropysbane: Thanks for letting me know, I appreciate it.

          • @entropysbane: It's $1995 now at Harvey Norman, but still it's double the money compared to this, don't think it's worth it.

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    I bought it for $2500 one year before.

  • how is this compare with A8F

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    I'm no expert on TV's but is this the best value TV for sub 1k?

  • is this no gap wall mount compatible?

  • Shame they don't do drop ship from a local state warehouse. Delivery to WA is $85 for those interested.

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    Thanks OP.. struggling to fall asleep tonight so bought one.. probably regret it in the morning

  • JB price is $1195 but $600 down from RRP of $1795 (description says RRP is $1195)

    • Yeh that’s JB bullshite RRP to make their sales price look more attractive. Only idiots be fooled

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    A QLED TV is just an LCD TV with quantum dots

    Let's start with a quick summary of the two technologies.

    OLED stands for "organic light emitting diode."

    QLED (according to Samsung) stands for "quantum dot LED TV."

    OLED is a fundamentally different technology from LCD, the major type of TV today.

    QLED is a variation of LED LCD, adding a quantum dot film to the LCD "sandwich."

    OLED is "emissive," meaning the pixels emit their own light.

    QLED, like LCD, is, in its current form, "transmissive" and relies on an LED backlight.

    Personally I would invest in a TV with better technology.

    • And ULED?

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        Ultra that's just a term used by Samsung

      • Hisense version of the QLED..

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      And I'd love a Ferrari.

      You left out the cost difference.

      • The hisense 55" OLED has been on here around $1k.

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          $245 higher than this one.

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            @Ulysses31: Also been $1015 + delivery. So just $35 more than this one..

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              @Ryballs: Nope. $112 with $77 shipping.

              Once off deal that lasted 12hrs. Meh

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      microLed is the tech you are waiting for

      • In about two years it will be the superior tech.

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      OLED will set you back another $500-600 at this size. Only issue with OLED is burn in but otherwise yeah it's superior technology. For price this is a good TV though.

    • I wouldnt by an OLED for the parents watching 10 hours of traditional tv.

  • Receiving "This code can't be applied to your order."

    Anyone else?

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      just checked still working for me

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        That's interesting, I'm on live chat with ebay and they're telling me the item isn't eligible for the discount code and the seller is wrong in putting the code on the listing.

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          • @fantoo: Thanks for testing.

            arghhhhh… sucks to be me right now.

            Glad it's working for some. Might be a glitch somewhere.

            Was hoping to get a new TV this week before my daughters birthday party so kids can play overcooked on switch.

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              @Ruckus: do you have ebay plus? if not maybe it works for ebay plus members

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              @Ruckus: if on a scale of 10, you want this tv 10 out of 10,
              pm I can help if you want

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                @fantoo: Hi mate,

                Thanks for the offer but not necessary now.

                I contacted ebay live support and was initially told the listing wasn't supposed to be eligible for the discount code although confirmed working. They couldn't figure out why so they provided a $100 coupon code in lieu of discount code.

                TV was delivered yesterday arvo and it sweet as.

                Couldn't be happier, my daughter is very happy watching ABC Kids on Freeview Plus.

  • Worth spending $300 more and getting over the Hisense R7?
    Not fussed about the smarts, just image quality.

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      image quality is subjective but since you asked I'll give my subjective opinion, yes

  • I was looking at the panasonic th-65gx850a but the reviews vary so much mainly 1 star or 5 stars. Pretty much everyone who gave it one star complained of viewing angles, how was this not a problem for everyone else?

    • In Australia the GX850 is an IPS screen so it’ll have good viewing angles but a poor contrast ratio and raised, non-uniform blacks.

      This Samsung TV is a VA screen so it’ll be the exact opposite. Different TVs for different use cases.

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    I had bought the 75 inch Q60 at the end of November from the Good Guys Ebay store when Ebay had a 20% off sale, and at the same time the Good Guys had this at about $2800, so got it for about $2240. Then soon after the price jumped to $3600 until now.

    I love the picture quality of this TV, its amazing. I already have a 2017 65 inch Q70, so I am used to excellent quality picture, and the Q60 is also great.

    I have read the reviews about viewing angles being not good. I dont understand this at all, I am looking at the Q60 right now as I am typing, at a very shallow angle, and its fine. No issue at all, and I am in a very bright room (although there is some reflection from the sliding doors)

    Also, these reviews give this TV about a bad wrap about being edge light and that local dimming is far superior and you should get the higher QLED TVs, like the Q80 for example. But what they dont tell you that these TV's costs thousands of dollars more. WHat they dont tell you is how the Q60 compares the the average ULED Samsung TVs, and to me the Q60 is much superior.

    I had the whole family at my place over Christmas, and my brother could not believe the quality, and just bought one from the JB HiFi last week, and he loves it. Also, a close friend of mine also bought one ! Again from the JB HiFi, her husband bought it without telling her. She tells me she is angry at him, but she loves it and she wont admit it to her husband.

    But let me tell you a story about Samsung themselves, and their Customer service. I had bought a Samsung 46 inch HD TV back in 2012 for about $2000, and 2 years ago, the panel died on me. I thought at the time that instead of buying a new TV, I get Samsung to repair it. They sent a repair guy over, he had a look, told me that it was a fault in the TV, and that Samsung will contact me, and he took the TV away. Samsung contacted me and offered another TV or a full Refund !!!! I had this TV for 5 YEARS !!! I took the money and bought the Q70 .

    So the Customer Service from Samsung is fantastic, and you can rely on them.

    Thought it might be relevant to tell you guys that story.

    So sorry all for the long post !!

    • For micro led or something similar?

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