[VIC] Pana Organic Vanilla Bean Dairy Free Ice Cream 475ml $2.50 @ Cheaper Buy Miles (Footscray)


Pana Organic Dairy Free Ice Cream $2.50. Usually $11.90.


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    I love their chocolate!

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    I'm curious how you can have dairy free ice cream under the ice cream standard. (You see a lot of "iced confections", "dairy dessert", etc on products in Woolies and Coles that don't meet the 10% dairy cream requirements)

    Standard 2.5.6 Ice cream

    This instrument is a standard under the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991 (Cth)

    2.5.6—3 Requirement for food sold as ice cream

                            A food that is sold as ‘ice cream’ must:
                            (a)      be ice cream; and
                            (b)      contain no less than:       
                                      (i)       100 g/kg of milk fat; and
                                      (ii)      168 g/L of food solids.
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      Maybe it describes the minimum levels for dairy-based ice cream, or maybe just no one cares

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      completely agree.

      Is that the current standard though?
      I remember them changing it (by request from manufacturers) to make it so diet iceream, that has to be called ice confectionery, could be called ice cream.
      or maybe it was reducuded to 10% but was, say, 30% before.

      completely dairy free should not be allowed to be called ice cream.


    Usually $11.90. This means it is normally $25.05 a litre. Wow, that is expensive!!


    Also available at their Flemington store.

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    whats the expire date Please?
    Thanks for uploading