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Zomato Gold 70% off Annual Membership between 7pm to 8pm $26.70


Just recieved an email, and am kicking myself for not waiting longer….

You are now living the Golden Hour.

"Get 70% OFF on the annual Zomato Gold membership ONLY for an hour — from 7 PM TO 8 PM.

Members enjoy one free meal, two free drinks, or up to 40% OFF at 600+ top restaurants in the city!"

$26.70 before referral discount. Should be around $20 after referral discount

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    I think this is for Melbourne only. Sydney and Brisbane say GOLD coming soon and Perth has GOLD not available.

  • Not this up to 40% percent off shit again. Only one cafe is that much and I've been there using groupon for even less. The majority of discounts are 10-15% with a few 20% thrown in. If only the old zomato gold would return.

    • What do you mean the old zomato gold? I can still get access to 1+1 food and 2+2 drink deals?

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        I've signed up to zomato gold the day it came out. I used to use it 2x a day then they changed to 1x a day. Every day places leave gold or at the very least change to drinks.

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          Yep, same experience here. Few places I went to (when Gold first started) have either withdrawn from Gold or changed to drinks only.

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    PRICE in title.

  • Shame Gold isn't valid for takeaway, has anyone tried it?

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    Any affiliation with Zomato OP?
    This is your fourth post in a row now….

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      Thankyou for commenting on all my posts. Please check my history. It's my second :)

      I love sharing deals on ozbargain as much as anyone else. Unfortunately for the most part someone else will beat me to it.

  • When is Zomato Gold coming to Sydney?

  • Is it worth buying Gold now and wait for Sydney gold to come out?

    Or would it be separate?

  • doesn't seem to be stacking with the referral link

  • I use it occasionally and like it. Please be aware no discount or bonus referral during this promotion which is fair enough I think. Cost $27 for my friend.

  • No link to the deal?

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    Lots of 2+2 drinks. 1+1 food mostly at not-so-popular restaurants.

  • Anyone got it? Didn't see the discounted price