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2x Goat Soap 100g $1.49 (by Stacking Half Price & 2-for-1 Offers), $0 C&C /+ Delivery @ Chemist Warehouse


Greetings everyone, just went to buy some more Goat Soap and noticed the glitch is working again to stack the 50% off and 2-for-1 which is awesome :)

Add 2x Goat Soaps (or multiples of 2), and select C&C and it will revert to $0.745 each! Normal price is $2.99 each, so this is an awesome saving.

This should work on all of the soaps listed here, you should be able to mix and match.

As always, enjoy!

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    showing 1.49 each

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      Working fine for me still, make sure to select C&C and to check the total with the discount applied, that's for 2x Soaps.

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      Thanks OP

      The discount will appear in the basket at checkout.
      But only for multiples of 2
      I found normal / manuka / lemon myrtle / kids / pawpaw are eligible for the discount
      Also manuka honey becomes 2 for $ 1.42 if you buy more than 8 (instead of $1.49)

      I ordered 40 soaps

      • Coconut as well.

    • +5

      Ba ba bargain.

  • +3
    • Doh. Missed it

    • Unavailable for CandC

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    What does everyone buy it for? I don't go through soap very quickly at all.

    • +18

      To keep clean

      • 😂😂😂

    • +11

      It's to help all the ozbargainers who have goats to clean them.

  • Here we go again with the goat soaps God dam.

    • +18

      *Goat dam

  • Thanks got 16 in different scents! Enough for some months ;)

    • Are all scents coming up to 0.745?

  • +2

    Perfect timing, thanks… was running low from the last deal.

    Great time to stock up!

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    I’m not trying to poo poo this product - but you’ve all seen that report on news.com.au about what the farms do to baby goats??


    • +1

      But this is a different brand.

    • +1

      Argh I wish I hadn't seen this :(

    • Extremists Vegans within ozbargain brigaded my comment lol

    • Not relevant to this brand at all

      • +2

        How do you know where the goat milk comes from for this product? Are you involved with the company in any way?

        I’m a proud carnivore but some of the footage these ‘extremists’ dig up is brutal. I would think a normal person with any sympathy wouldn’t like to see baby goats being beaten to death. Im sure there are equally as bad things going on with the products I eat - but this was front page on Murdoch’s website and I saw it and remembered it.

        • +1

          I'm pretty sure I'm not going to buy any goat product after watching this nor I have buy any goat product before anyway.

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    Don't forget 4% cashback at Shopback, and $2 bonus cashback by jumping through an extra hoop here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/513967

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      Got 8 x soaps for $5.96 - $2 bonus cashback = $3.96 total (~ $0.49 each, not including the 4% cashback as well)

    • Yeah a bit late now :)

  • What am I doing wrong? Added 10 soaps. But the total is 14.9. :(

    • +1

      Choose click and collect. If not, all fragrances might not be eligible

      • Cheers. It's now 10.43.

        • Yeah maybe not all are eligible

    • The limited edition soaps seemed to pull my total higher. I just went with the standard scents @ $0.745.

  • +9

    You goata be kidding me.

    • +6

      Here we goat again.

      • +5

        It's a bleating good deal

        • +2

          Some of us will be baaaaaned from Chemist Warehouse if we keep taking advantage of these deals.

  • +1

    well I got too many now. 36x6

    • photos when you receive them!

    • I'm not going (goating?) to try. Local chemist warehouse useless, and last time told me they were ready to collect then cancelled the order when I got there.

      Not cricket!

  • Thanks!

  • Shopback 4%

  • $20 worth of soap

  • +1

    Mine works out to be $0.71 each: somehow buying more of the manuka honey comes with additional discount. Hence my total of 8 oatmeal + 8 manuka honey works out to be $11.36.

    Thanks OP.

  • Cheers OP. Just running out from last order. This stuff is great.

  • +4

    What are the benefits of washing yourself with the lactic secretions of another species?

    • Shhhh. Just take it. 'washing yourself with the lactic secretions of another species', aka regular Saturday evening.

    • -3

      Found the vegan

    • Ask Cleopatra.

  • +2

    Great for gifts and airbnb guests

  • What's the 2 for 1 deal?

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Bought $8.94 worth (after discount) of 12 soaps.
    I tried the different goat soaps and found that (if not mistaken) the original, oatmeal, argan oil, coconut oil, lemon mrytle and manuka honey are the ones discounted.

    • +1

      Also the kids one ,didn't work on paw paw, eucalyptus & lavender soaps.

  • Bought some thanks op! Hopefully they'll be better than the generic soaps I buy at reject shop.

  • Are these soaps used to clean goats or made from/by goats?

  • Whats the actual codes for the 2 for 1 and Half Price offers please? I must've missed the glitch the first time around!

    • There is no code. The soaps are already 50% off (usual RRP $3.00), and the “glitch” is the 2-for-1 as explained in the description on how to make it apply.

      • Right, I see now. Quite a few of the diff flavours negates the glitch. Manuka, Lemon, Argan, Oatmeal and standard soaps work with the glitch so far.

        Thanks star87

  • not working for me - added 4 and click and collect. No go

    • all good now that I removed lavender

  • For someone that’s never tried this before. Any recommendations on which one is best? Thanks

  • +4

    …why is this a 'thing'?

    • It’s not like milk products being in cosmetics is a new thing.

      Animal products have been in salves, medicine, topical agents etc for thousands of years.

      • but why here? ….this has almost got as many up votes as a Häagen-Dazs ice cream deal!
        i didnt realise ozbargainers were so into their soap!…and goat soap no less!

        • I guess there's a fair few votes made in jest.

  • +2

    Didn’t know Nathan Lyon made soap

  • -2

    These soaps are very rough in texture. My wife and kids don't want to use them. Same thing was said by my friend. I bought a lot last time and now I have to finish them.

    • +2

      I'm using it right now and don't notice any 'roughness' at all.

      It doesn't dry my skin either.

      Honestly it's quite good for the price.

      • +1

        Like right now now?

    • +3

      Maybe your wife and kids and your friend are just too soft.

  • might not work for different stores. For example, Lavendar, Oatmeal and Lemon doesn't half in price for my local store. So bought 10 normal and 10 kids for collection.

  • The discount amount is wrong for me-not getting 2-for-1 deal at checkout. I'm trying to buy 16 soaps (will donate some to salvos/those in need) and keep getting overcharged because the discount amount isn't being fully applied.

    I always get charged an additional 78c-$2.xx. I've tried adding adding the regular scents with different qualities but am still getting the incorrect discount.

  • Thanks. Worked.

  • Worked fine, cheers OP. Discount works on a majority of the selections.

  • Thanks OP. Going to try this soap for the first time. My order is already available for collection.

    • Same here. Hopefully it's as good as advertised.

  • Doesn't work for some item, watch how discount amount changes in the shopping card fyi.

  • +2

    Why am i getting goatscx flashbacks

  • Worked. Thank you!

  • +1

    Timely, my goat was getting a bit rank..and now with the rains…wet goat rank!

  • Read it as Giant soap

  • not working for me

  • It's not working for me :(

  • Not working

  • I guess they fixed it. Not working now.

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