Anyone Ever Buy from Bulkshop Outlet

Hi this is my first thread at Ozbargain, so please be nice.

Anyone ever buy from bulkshop outlet, seems to be selling camera well below RRP.

For example sony A7iii selling for $1,899.00, I cant find any review towards the company nor the contact number can be reached

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  • nor the contact number can be reached

    First rule of fight club: When they don't answer the phone, don't buy.

  • Only a mobile number.
    The provided street address looks to be a house (with a seamstress business sign) on Google maps.

    Too many negs for me.

  • Avoid would be my suggestion. A very very good chance it's a scam.

  • iPhone 11 is like $300 cheaper there. Are these grey imports or what?

  • That website screams "SCAM".

  • Yep, its a scam. I sent them money, they didn't send me the product. Reported the scam to my bank, their bamk, and the NSW Cyber police. The police weren't interested. There's an outside chance the banks will get my money back.

    • Hi, I was also scammed and reported it to my bank today. they are also trying to retrieve the money. When did you report it and how confident was your bank about the money being returned? Cheers

  • I also think google should share the responsibility as they endorsed it in their search!

  • I reported it 11 days ago. My bank said it will take up to 8 weeks to maybe reverse the transfer. Bulk Shop Outlet's bank, the ING Bank, initially refused to give me any information until I said I was taking the matter to their CEO. They called today and said I would probably get my funds back.

    The 2 banks and the police have not asked me 1 question that suggests they are trying to catch and charge the scammers.

    Bulk Shop Outlet's website is still operational, and today they sent me an email asking for more money because my product was stuck in customs.

    • Yes, they sent me the same email. Thanks for replying! My bank made an immediate inquiry and also stated it would take eight weeks. Ive also sent ING an email and forwarded The bulk shop outlet thread. Please let me know how you go? Cheers


    Guys, it looks like it’s been taken down!
    It’s saying it’s a 403 forbidden link :)

  • Finally I got my money back after more than 2 mopnths. I have learned the following :
    - if the website looks professional but the product is a lot cheaper than elsewhere, suspect it's a scam
    - if the payment method is a straight bank transfer, suspect it's a scam
    - if they don't answer the phone, it's a scam
    - if you get scammed, don't bother reporting it to the police
    - the banks here in Australia are inefficient, secretive, uncommunicative, slow, and make mistakes
    - the ING Bank will open an account for you if you are a scammer with false ID (I don't have proof of this but the ING Bank would not give me one piece of information to suggest otherwise)
    - the banks are doing everything they can to encourage all of us to switch to crypto currencies