Price Scanned Wrong at Chemist Warehouse - Am I Entitled to One Item Free?

OK just wanting to know if i am entitled to one item free or not,and the law in relation to Consumer

Just went to Chemist Warehouse Sydney area, advertised were protein bars Special at $1.99 each, they were apparently $3.99 before the special.

So I buy 5, line up, take to counter, the check out lady said it was $19.95. I said to her they are on discount, at $1.99. She said it's not showing, and said something odd, by saying if its not showing I have to charge you the full price .

My question is at Chemist Warehouse is there a policy on getting a item free if it scans wrong, ?
Is there a Consumer Law about this or is it just policy of a store ?

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    It's a store dependant policy, to my knowledge Chemist Warehouse does not have one.

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      It's a Supermarket scanning code of practice, so not entirely store dependent, but the practical effect is yes, you're right.

      • Which I don’t think any of the supermarkets still agree to… Although I have had success at Colesworth getting the first item free.

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    Supermarkets have their own scanning policy and in you case it would depend on what the particular shops own policy is

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    Wow that was a lot of messing around over some protein bars…


    • Lol…i just was talking to my friend about this he said the same thing, i must of been desperate for protein bars 😄😄

      • You should go shopping with Manny more often! No need to post wussy queries here!

      • Don't forget your carbs after all that running around!

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    The "getting the first one free" is part of a voluntary code of practice that some supermarkets such a Woolies and Coles are signatories to.

    Chemist Warehouse isn't part of that voluntary code so you're not entitled to anything free. They'll just give it to you at the correct price.

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      Does Coles still follow that practice across the board ? I had an incorrect product scan at the Coles at Victoria Gardens, Vic and was told by the attendant at the self service checkout that the policy had been revised and that they no longer offered anything free. She went on to manually mark down the price for the product I was purchasing like she was doing me a favour and said that she did offer me a discount after all !

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      • Policy is still in place at Coles nationwide

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        I generally pay and then ask for a refund after at the service desk because if you bring it to their attention before paying I've never seen them give it free (no I haven't asked for it to be free explicitly at the counters).
        Coles at vic gardens is generally quite good… Some other Woolies in the area… After paying I asked them at the desk and they went to have a look. Said there wasn't any discount, so I went in to have a look and lo and behold they ripped it off already. So if you don't give a crap and want you free product I'd recommend going in right after you're paying and ripping the tag off (like what this OP has done) and asking for a price correction. It's also a lot faster than them calling someone to come over to check and come back (obviously taking their time while at it).

        (Now I can't be bothered but student days were fun trying to get discounts off everything).

      • It's still on their website so I assume it applies to all Coles.

        The last section under "Our Promise on Price Scanning" and then "What is a scanning error?"

        • Thanks and I did read that and left some feedback online. Got a call from someone who apologised and offered a free product in my next purchase. I guess the policy is still there but the staff are not trained about it or don't bother to apply it at all stores.

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    Sounds like a Seinfeld sitcom script.

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      I was thinking Curb Your Enthusiasm

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      This has that fat annoying dude all over it.

  • Price scanned wrong , am i entitled to one item free ?

    Nope, that only applies at supermarkets and its 100% voluntary as part of their code of practice the supermarkets have.

  • Am i entitled under Law to a free item ?


    Put the good back or pay the price at the counter.

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    Oh sweet titty (profanity) christ… Are you entitled to anything free? NO.

    Jimmy F has hit the nail on the head… the Supermarket Scanning Code of Practice is completely voluntary and that is it.

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    You have way too much time on your hands OP.

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      And yet the site goes crazy over $2 cashback deals

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    No free bars for you!

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    You need to lay off the protein bars man.. Here, have a snickers…

  • Read first 2 lines only, otherwise TL-DR.

    Answer is No.

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    You are definitely entitled I'll give you that.

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      You are definitely entitled I'll give you a hat (not a protein bar)

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      But the store is entitled to rip off the customer with automated processes.

      • Are they? I couldn't agree with that statement.

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    Am i entitled under Law to a free item ?

    No. FMD, this is becoming OzEntitledPest.

  • no free of course

    come on! hewitt style///

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    Am I Entitled

    Sure sounds like it

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      But the store is entitled to rip off the customer with automated processes.

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        Yet you're entitled to rip off people's time here with your bot comments?

  • you are so bothered by this to write this post.

    • No,im asking for the legal status in relation to consumer Law, maybe re read your reply and relate it to yourself

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        Why such the urgency to profit from an error,

        Does really make you feel like you won hère.

        Imma tight ass but would never make an issue of this, and find people who do so just want to profit over an honest error

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    Sure, why not. You are entitled to a 5 finger discount.

    Then once they have contacted the police, you will also be given a free car ride, free accommodation for the night and perhaps even a free meal.

    Seriously? There are bigger issues in this world than a petty $2 protein bar.

    Edit: Quoting a wise Ozbargainer here…
    "Oh get a life and stop whinging , is that you Wilma ?
    Whinging whinging Wilma"

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      @ericmclee I don’t understand why they would be callling the police because i mentioned they had advertised a discount price that wasnt scanning ?
      Have you had that happen to you,then i can understand why you would feel intimidated by speaking up when you see a price scan higher .

      Petty $2 protein bar ???? Ummmmm …no it was 5 so a saving of $10…..i wonder if that $10 doesnt mean much to you then why are u reading ozbargain ????

      $10 is $10 …a lot to me …obviously your rich so u think thats petty ??? Im lost .however I understand some people wont speak up or think its “petty” as u put it, and thats how these stores make their money by preying on people like yourself who think the police will be called if they complain as its “perty” to be concerned about losing $10
      I have empathy for you

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        You could have just gone and found someone smarter to help from around the store and made the cashier look lazy and ignorant.

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        @starofdavid looks like you don't understand the phrase '5 finger discount' (woooosh).

        I am on OzBargain to help the community …not just take from it.

        I have also had prices scanned incorrectly before and spoken up - I'm just reasonable about it, point it out to them…sometimes they fix, sometimes they double check, sometimes they give you one free. Rather than make a scene, you have the choice to leave and not purchase from them.

        As for the petty $2 protein bar…it is not $10 as you say. Your original comment was regarding a single entitlement to one item free - ie. $2 protein bar.

        Maybe you are not mature enough yet to handle this life situation…put yourself a reminder for 5 years later to come revisit this post and ask yourself then if you think this is petty?

        Also, I'm not rich as you think I am but I would be more than happy to shout you a $2 protein bar when you are "hangry", or even a Snickers.

        PS. I didn't neg your comment because that's also not what OzBargain is for.

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    They saw you coming. Did you actually pay full price or walk away.

  • Who said the bars were even on special lol?

  • They are possibly on special but the offer had not been placed within their electric system… you should get them as marked.

  • Coles repeatedly charged incorrectly at Coles Westfield parramatta, but when asked, just said 'is it' 'sometime, sorry'. No free items. However wollies always gave it free.

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  • I usually go back in and take a photo of the label on the shelf

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