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Limited Edition Bushfire Support Bandanas for Pets - $15 Delivered @ Uglybox Shop


Australia is burning. All these handmade bandanas are made with the purpose to donate 100% of profits between 4 wildlife funds in Australia. Every bandana has shipping included in the price and up to $10 from each bandana will be donated. [EDIT] To clarify any confusion, all proceeds (exclusive of shipping & cost of goods) will be donated.

Wildlife Victoria, Zoos Victoria, the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park and Animals Australia are the funds we have chosen but there are many other services doing great work. Each one helping our amazing native animals who have survived the fires but now are without homes, food and water. These limited edition Australian Bushfire Support Bandanas for Aussie Wildlife come in 10 different fabric patterns.

Bandanas are one size to fit up to a 60cm neck size. They are all uniquely shaped and can be folded & rolled to fit smaller dogs or cats.

Check out the product descriptions for our bandanas! You will love them.

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  • '… up to $10', why not just be consistent? Dodgy af seller.

    • +10 votes

      "All profits" also means proceeds after deduction of wages (and other costs). If someone pays themselves an astronomical wage, there would be zero profit and the owner of the company still laughs all the way to the bank.

    • +4 votes

      I think there's been a misunderstanding.

      The shipping being the variant and will be a minumum of $5 per shipment in Australia. So $15 minus shipping per bandana, we will donate that towards the 4 charities as listed. Hence the statement "upto $10 per bandana…"

      Shipping to regional locations in the country can be a little more expensive. Hope you understand.

      We won't be doing anything dodgy by involving our other costs and working out a net profit. None of that. Straight up $15 - shipping = "Profit" per bandana will be donated.

  • I get this is a good cause… but it’s not really a bargain.

    • I think $15 incl of shipping is a bargain when you compare with our pet businesses selling bandanas.

  • Just more land fill. Better off donating the $15 direct to the charity instead.

  • +7 votes

    Tough crowd.

  • A piece of rag for $15 is not a bargain. Donating the money directly to a charity is the better option.

    • +5 votes

      We've donated directly to charities too. Trying to contribute more towards this cause and help more people/wildlife affected by the fires.

  • I think without evidence to the contrary, we should accept that the sellers' offer is genuine and in good faith.

    That said, there are many benefits in donating directly to the relevant charities (organisations) in need. Most notably tax-deductibility and the ability to choose where your money goes.


    At a minimum, this should be moved to the forums.

  • They’re doing a good thing here. End of story.

  • It's a nice thing to do but dog clothes are indicative of how wasteful we have become . Australians have the second highest production of landfill per capita (behind the US). The shipping and manufacture of these bandanas only to end up in landfill produces more emissions and waste. Sorry, I'm sure your heart is in the right place but I will donate my money another way.

  • ignore most people here - ozbargain has a permanent mood

    i like dressing up my dogs so i would buy a couple if i could afford it right now

    if i can before the offer ends i will

    p.s. i would be interested in multiple sizes

    • They are one size to be folded and rolled for large to small breeds. And they will stay on the website till they are all sold out. So feel free to check it out when it's affordable, or get in touch with us through the website. Thank you :)