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Jeanswest 50% off Sale Items


Get in quick before they go bust.
Noteable sale items, Northcrest puffer jacket was $139.99 now $44.99 & Holmes jacket was $119 now $29.99. Looks to be many sizes available.

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    Sounds risky to even buy it now

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      During this time Jeanswest will not be offering refunds either online or in-store.

      • Good ammo for those brave bargainers who are willing to haggle.

      • Thanks for this. Everything I've bought from them I've had to return. Not worth it

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      DONT trust their website inventory. Last year ordered a couple of items from their sale and they were in stock. 3 days later got email saying out of stock. I think the website stock is also stock in some retail outlets, so by the time they pick, it could be sold.

      Waiting for complain posts in a few days time..😀

      Given other issues like no returns, at best I would buy in store only

      • Yeah I bought three things online during a previous sale, all were in stock but three days later they just refunded two of the items out of the blue, turns out they weren’t in stock.

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    Think instore maybe a better idea. Try before you buy as well for this one. If you have to return it via Online it could be painful.

    • Agreed. I tried to return incorrect sizes from an online order on Saturday and was unable to. Absolutely no refunds. Exchange only.

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        Credit card chargeback

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    I’d say discounts will slowly get higher to help clear out stock.

  • Their website has been OZBargained…

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      The vultures are circling

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    Very daggy t-shirts

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      Indeed, no wonder why they're on clearance. At these prices it won't hurt your wallet, but oh for the love of it, lookong may hurt your eyes.

      • Yeah, i've always loved their jeans but good lord some of the other clothing is hideous.

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    Some items for good prices, but best to try before ya buy with this store!

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    The website is lagging to many ozbargainers.

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    Their jeans are pretty good quality. I like that they have multiple length options ranging from ankle, short, regular, long to extra long.

    Their customer service was great too. It's a shame that they are going bust :/

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    website is crashing! I like their products!!

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      Same, the last 8 pairs I bought were from them :(

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    Yep it crashed

    Error 502 Bad Gateway

    Remember Cash back As well, whilst we wait.

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    cant add anything to my bag, keeps loading :(

    Finally can add things to my cart after 10 minutes, though it won't accept paypal but it did accept my CC details.

    Also: I love shops that I can pick up from store :)

  • All u people tying to grab a bargain, caused it to crash. :(

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    Eugh, their curve embracer jeans are the most perfect jeans for us pear shaped ladies. They are the ONLY ones that fit me well, going to have to buy a lifetime supply I think.. so sad they're closing :(

    If you have a thin waist / big hips and have issues with your waistband bagging because you need to buy bigger jeans for your thighs BUY SOME NOW.. they changed my dang life.

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      Nice figure

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      Try the Decujba Riley Jeans.

      I too have the curve embracers and love them (I aworked for JeansWest during my university years and have been wearing htem since they first came out).

      Riley works well, more 'jegging' like than true denim but is lasting really well and are very comfortable. Size down though as they stretch.

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    Too fat to find sizes

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      Their jean sizes run really large, i'm a size 12-14 in every brand but in Jeanswest i'm a size 8-9. They're very stretchy so for me I grab the smallest pair I can physically crush myself into and they are perfect after about a day.

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    high risk business

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    Jeanswest. Stuck between Jayjays and Just Jeans, it was never going to win.

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    why do just jeans sell shirts?

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      Why do Cotton On sell polyester shirts?

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        Probably because the phrase "cotton on" means to understand or realise something without having it explicitly told/explained and not just "we sell cotton shit"?

        • If you understand the meaning of "cotton on" you'll likely understand the meaning of "facetious"

          • @KangaDrew: Hard to tell you were being facetious. Some people will genuinely answer things like this literally.

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      Valid question. Checked their FAQ yet?

  • Made from 60% Polyester / 40% Polyester?

  • Just Jeans' maternity jeans are excellent. I found them so comfortable and they looked great.

    • Are you pregnant?

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        Food baby

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    Gonna highly miss em… best place I shopped at. Always good cotton and cheap prices at their factory place… bought about 10-15 jackets when they were $15 a piece. I’m talking heavy duty good ones with thick solid feel. Shirts 3 for $10… as well

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      I stopped buying from them well over a decade ago because the quality of their clothing had gone down hill IMO, particularly their jeans. That they went bust was not surprising to me.

      • Really? I just bought a pair of jeans from them the other week after hearing they were gonna go bust. I like their jeans because it was quite stretchy and comfortable especially for my fat ass.

        • Username checks out.

        • Their jeans were comfortable enough but never lasted for me. Just cheap denim that wore out quickly and got holes.

  • Jeansbust?

  • I threw away my jacket from last deal, didn't want to go through the hassle of refund. It ripped in 2 places through the back because it was to tight between the lats. Sleeves and everything else happened to be bigger than usual. Looked uglier irl than photos

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    "The seller can't accept PayPal payments at this time. Please try again later or return to the seller and choose another way to pay."


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    don't forget to join….still up on their website..

    Become A Member And Enjoy Exclusive Rewards, Including A $10 Welcome Voucher

    wonder if the free $10 will still be given

    • Tried signing up last night. But says a problem has occur.

    • Doubt they will be honoring that voucher anymore. Signed up a fortnight ago and have yet to get anything. Can't expect much from a business in vol. administration - probably wanting to recoup as much residual value for their creditors as possible and giving away $10 vouchers on top of 50% sales unfortunately wouldn't be very wise.

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      Code is WELCOME10 which appears to not include sale items.

  • Eh, was trying to add size 31 to cart for so long, but no luck. Then, size 31 is out of stock. Nice