Big W Is Starting to Close The Doors of up to 30 Stores, Bargains to Be Had

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    Not sure why people are that angry, plenty of other options like Kmart, Target, Reject Shop, Daiso for all the things that used to be had at BigW.

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      Also, they're only closing the unprofitable ones. I.e. the ones people (the same ones complaining) obviously didn't shop at - or worse, possibly stole from (coughAuburnLOLcough).


      It’s a trend, everyone’s outraged about everything these days.

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    It started last year. Not much new info in that article. 3 stores have been named but still waiting on the rest of the stores.

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    Old news mate

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      The new news is that stores have begun to close now and people are complaining that there is barely any decent stock yet.
      Probably the same ones who didn’t shop there which is why the store is closing lol.

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    Love the article.

    Mr A… is complaining there are no bargains left, the aisles are empty after 75% off toys are gone.

    “I’m looking for toys for my boy, but look at it, it’s all gone. It’s not good,”

    Mr A you need to get up a bit earlier

    Damn retailers never have enough stock for 75% clearances. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Doh!

    Next a Channel9 investigation twitter campaign?

    Gotta love our Journalists


    I’m not convinced buying a store is the right move in this economic climate… lol

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    This post made me read a 'article'. I'm scarred now.

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    Large enterprise is no longer viable because of electricity prices as per ACCC warnings in 2016 and 2018.

    Morons are still pretending that privatisation worked out great while the economy continues to be "severely damaged" by it and due to being "unsustainable" large and small enterprises are no longer viable.

    The way to fix this is vote for The Greens. They are the only party not ruled by a religious ideology known as neoliberal economic theory. The morons that believe in this theory believe that privatisation has been successful while the economy collapses.

    Australians, being morons, go along with the failed theory predictions by CHOOSING LABOR or LIBERAL at the polls - even though they've lost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars because of privatisation. Sheep doesn't even begin to describe these idiots.


    They won't close every store, just stores that are less profitable which are mostly in small shopping centres. In western Sydney the best examples are the ones that have already closed, Chullora, Auburn and Fairfield were all in small shopping centre's, less foot traffic etc.

    The next to go in western Sydney may be stores like Plumpton, Winston Hills and Bonnyrigg if using my theory.

    The stores that will be left will usually be in larger shopping centre's e.g Blacktown, Penrith, Liverpool, Rouse Hill, Macquarie and Bankstown will probably stay. I could be wrong, but that seems logical. Same analogy will apply all around the country.


    From 01/04/2019 (Frugal Rock) -

    Big W Store Closures and Restructure


    people are not willing to spend more at these cheap retail stores, and instead spend all their money at already far inflated real estate. our country really is broken, maybe labor should of won.