No Transfer Fees When You Send Money to Selected Countries @ Xendpay


XendPay has withdrawn sending fees for all this Chinese new year. It removes all sending fees.

When sending AUD as the sending currency there is a card fee, to avoid this charge use a card with 0 conversion fees up,ing,citibank and select £.

If you use a referral code there is also a $19AUD (10£ discount) on your first Transfer over 100£ or equivalent (191AUD), You need to verify your account to receive the credit.

Promotion, Please note New Members get to select there sending fee for all countries. You can select 0 Fees.

I have asked to include referral wheel for Xendpay. hopefully it will be added soon.

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Referrer receives 10£. Referee receives 10£ off their first transfer over 100£ or equivalent.

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    No Transfer Fees When You Send Money to Selected Countries

    Does it work for Nigeria?

    Good timing as I just got an email about inheriting some money from a philanthropist…


      JV, you can send to Nigeria to claim your inheritance, Nigeria is not included in this promotion.

      However XendPay allows you to send up to a set amount each year and choose your sending fee. You can select 0 until you hit the cap.

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        Nigeria is not included in this promotion.

        No deal for me then…


          come on JV, I'm assuming you will inherit millions from the Nigeria deal. New Users can select the sending fee regardless of the promotion.


    What are the selected countries?

    Also, looks like you can only select US$, € and £ when sending the money.
    Does it mean that your bank or credit card provider will charge you in one of these currencies? If yes, then it explains your note. I guess, 28 degrees card should be suitable too.


      Asian Countries. Thailand, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore …

      You can select 0 fees regardless of country if your a new user, Xendpay allows you to choose the sending fee (0 if you wish) until you hit i believe 2,000GBP (3,800aud) send.

      Yes, if you change the sending currency to GBP the card is charged in GBP.


        Thank you for your explanation.
        Will wait for the referral code.
        Do you know how quickly the money hits the receiver's account?


          Depends on receivers country. my sends to Thailand clear quickly. I sent one last night, they released funds the same day.

          They also allow sending to accounts in your own name as i did for my Thailand and UK accounts in the past.


          it has now been added.

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    Not really an good deal. Not supporting AUD sending without fees is a deal breaker. You loose money in conversion regardless of using no fee card

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    A "referral wheel." Great if your car only has 3 wheels I guess.

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