Insurance Denying Pay The Damage

Hi guys, someone crash into my car from behind and her insurance company doesn't want to pay the damage because the car was fixed "dodgy" before in another crash. They only gave me the option of receive money and go fix myself, but I don't want to accept because isn't fair. What are my options?

Thanks for the help.


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    Well, was your car fixed dodgy before?

    Or more importantly, did you slam your brakes on for no reason so that you can get it fixed "undodgy" for free?

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    If you don't agree with the amount they are giving you, you can continue to negotiate, go to court, or if you meet the requirements claim via AFCA


    got pictures of the damage?

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    What does your insurance company have to say about it?

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    Get a quote to repair. If it is close to what the insurance co is offering take it. If not, you need to consider what the repair would cost to return it to the condition it was before this latest crash. Eg if the total repair bill is $3000, but the car was not painted before and it costs $400 to paint, you should accept $2600 and work out if you want to pay for the paint yourself.

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    God this site is getting a reputation


      Failed posting at first post. No MSPaint diagram or dash-cam footage.
      Scotty needs to put these in FAQ.

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    Oh look, another I don't have insurance question…..

    They only gave me the option of receive money and go fix myself

    Ok then do that, its getting fixed, so whats your issue? If you don't like what the OTHER persons insurance is offering, you can always speak to your own, but GASP you don't have any?

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    What was the previous damage and was it done "dodgy" (whatever that means)?

    If you have structural damage and someone prettied it up so you can get in insured, arrange for an "accident" and get the insurer to write off an entire car, of course it is going to be rejected.

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    If the damage is severe enough for a replacement bumper and respray of panels to blend, then pre-existing damage should not even be a consideration, I'd get a few quotes from some panel beaters and then negotiate to settle on the cheapest quote, otherwise engage your insurance company and let them deal with the other party.