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[Switch] Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection $31.98 @ Nintendo eShop


Not much more to say. Great if you are a SF fan. Note that past comments suggest the difficultly of the sf2 version is very hard!

Obviously digital version, so may not suit all.

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    I'd pay $10-$15 for this… Too expensive otherwise.

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    It’s not hard. It’s just what games used to be like. 😄

    I picked up the Xbox version and was immediately reminded of how many coins I lost playing these games. They didn’t give you one or two easy fights before ramping up, these things just played hard from the first fight. I obviously wasn’t good enough to win back then (or now)!

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    Yoga flame 🔥


    got this a few.weeks ago, sure.it was the same.pricr
    had to order a controller, cause not use to the switch controls

    great set of games
    third strike is the best!


    is there an arcade stick for switch?

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      Yes, but it’s the over $150 I believe.

      An alternative is to buy a PS3/Xbox 360 arcade stick and an adapter. Should be cheaper that way.


        I had no idea something like this even existed. I have an old PS3 arcade stick laying about. Awesome solution. Cheers.