Joby Gorillapod 5K Kit with Ballhead $121.07 + Shipping or C&C (Was $172.95) @ digiDIRECT


The top choice of leading journalists and vloggers, the Joby GorillaPod 5K Kit sets the standard for mobile content creation worldwide.

The strong, flexible GorillaPod 5K Stand operates in 3 modes: grip for interviews and selfies, tripod or wrapping mount. We’ve paired this flexible tripod with our pro level BallHead 5K, featuring independent pan and tilt functionality for precise positioning and an Arca-Swiss compatible quick release plate for easy set-up. This kit performs perfectly as an interview/selfie/live stream rig.

GorillaPod 5K Stand

  • Flexible: Wrappable legs allow you to secure professional camera equipment to virtually any surface

  • Versatile: Professional camera equipment weighing up to 11lbs with a 1/4-20 UNC tripod mount

  • Overachiever: Can be configured for still photography, videography, vlogging or live streaming in 3 modes: grip, wrap or stand

  • Strong: Holds devices weighing up to 5kg (11 lbs)

  • Stable: Over two dozen leg joints with rubberized grip rings and foot grips allow you to bend and rotate 360° for increased stability and composition control in difficult terrain

  • Durable: Machined aluminum construction delivers durability and smooth movement
    BallHead 5K

  • Precise: 360° panning bed and 90° tilt for optimal position control, perfect for portrait or landscape shots

  • Versatile: Mount pro-level DSLRs, strobes, flash or video lighting, microphone, pico projector, speaker or any other ¼”20 device weighing less than 11lbs or ?” mount with included adapter

  • Efficient: Arca-Swiss compatible quick release plate stays connected to camera for instant set-up

  • Accurate: Numbered scale on base lets you accurately repeat 360° panoramas, secondary knob locks pan separately

  • Modular: Works with Joby pro-level accessories, including GripTight PRO Mounts, GorillaPod Arms and Hub Adapter that allow for mounting GoPro adapters, flash clips, lighting and microphones

  • Stable: Locking adjustment knob easily locks Ballhead5K into place

GorillaPod creates the perfect hand grip for vlogging

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    Versatile: Professional camera equipment weighing up to 11lbs with a ¼”-20 or ?” tripod mount

    or what ???

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      I did some googling. So, 1/4"-20 means 1/4" thick, 20 threads per inch (this is common for cameras). And the rest of that sentence has been badly copy/pasted, it should say:

      or any other 1/4 -20 device weighing less than 11 lbs or 3/4 mount with included adapter.

    • +1 vote

      Per ISO 1222:2010,[1] the current tripod screw thread standard for attaching the camera calls for a 1/4-20 UNC or 3/8-16 UNC thread. Most consumer cameras are fitted with 1/4-20 UNC threads. Larger, professional cameras and lenses may be fitted with 3/8-16 UNC threads, plus a removable 1/4-20 UNC adapter, allowing them to be mounted on a tripod using either standard.

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    That's a lot of coin in comparison to the Kmart spec $8 one that would do a similar job:

    Obviously nowhere near the same level of manufacturing or feature standard but more Ozbargain price friendly :-)

    • +1 vote

      Can your $8 Kmart tripod hold a 5kg camera? Because that's what this Gorillapod can do. And if you have a 5kg camera it's probably worth several thousand dollars, all the more reason to use a stand that's rated for the weight. It's not about "level of manufacturing", it's about meeting a very specific need.

      Edit: sorry if that comes across as harsh, what I meant is you're comparing products that do different things.


      A more fair comparison of this kmart tripod would be Gorillapod's smartphone one: (about $50)

      But also - what eDust said.

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