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Qi Wireless Fast Charging Stand $9 Delivered @ Kogan


Step up to next-generation charging with the Qi Wireless Fast Charging Stand. This handy device makes charging faster and easier than ever before thanks to wireless Qi charging – simply place your smartphone on the stand pad and let the Fast Charge technology take over.

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    How many watts is this?

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    How many watts? 5w, 10w, 15w? Description doesn't mention. When not mentioned it almost certainly always is only 5w

    In which case just get this one for $6.99 delivered from local seller. Got a few at work no complaints


    No cables. No hassles

    Obviously it's not battery operated. I think it is an awkward angle for one of these too.


    I’ve ordered it. From the Kogan description it looks like it only comes with USB cable. I imagine the plug would determine max input. Not sure how much the device is capable of


    This one actually gets specific on wattage. At $9, it's not worth the risk for a slow charger

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    Have one, i think i got it for $10.00 on aliexpress as a cheap samsung QI charger clone. It's pretty slow no matter what charger goes into it (3 hours to charge a galaxy s9+ from dead no matter what charger its plugged into)
    Also mine's a micro usb plug.
    The angled design is useful as well when used at the office desk. Honestly for the money can't complain


    I got one of these from Officeworks a while back under the Comsol brand.

    It doesn't appear to have the output listed anywhere, just input of DC 5V 2A - although next to this with a slash is 9V 1.6A. A quick google of those figures seem to indicate 10W from other similar chargers.

    It's the same as this one (as linked previously): http://vi.vipr.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&...

    I think it only came with the micro USB cable, so you will need to supply the AC charger.


    it's in the spec

    Input 5V/DC 2A, 9V/DC 1.67A
    Output 1-2A

    Assuming 2A means 10V?


    Is this worth wasting my hard earned money.


    Looks similar to this one : https://m.tomtop.com/p-pa4050.html

    Standard: Qi
    Material : PC+ABS+Silicone
    input : 9V/1.67A, 5V/2A
    OUtput : 9V/1.2A, 5V/1A
    Charging power : 10.8W(Max)
    Charging efficiency : >73%
    Interface : Micro USB
    Item weight : 122g / 4.30oz


    So it's 10W


    Looks exactly like the old Samsung wireless fast charge…


    12w wireless charging if using a QC charger.


      whilst i agree with you the other spec mentions 5V/1A which makes it 5W??

      Very confusing specs.. & if you take into account the 73% efficiency rating its obviously less again..

      Kogan says 1-2A & no relative voltage, it's any1's guess really.. lol..


        5v if connected to a non-qc charger, a QC charger will handshake and then use 9v


          So the answer is then;

          10W from old standard 5V/2A charger
          15W using a QC charger.. (9V * 1.67A)

          *Calculated using limited Kogan specs

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    I have one of these connected to an old blitzwolf usb 4 port charger. Currently my phone (note 8) is at 7% and will take 2.3hrs until fully charged via fast charge.
    Couple of photos of it and the specs underneath. https://imgur.com/a/OQxYsUp

    Hope this helps people decide if it's worth it or not. I'm definitely buying another one now at this price.


    Is this going to work with wireless-charging Airpods case?


    Bought one, I'll use it at work so I don't really care how slow it is - I'll use it as a stand more than a charger.


    mine arrived a couple of days ago. Doesn't come with usb charger. Tried with my good fast charger and at best it keeps current charge on my pixel 4.
    Absolutely useless device.

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