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HP G100 Wired Gaming Mouse (Black / White) $27 (Delivered) - Maro Online Shop / eBay


Hi, this is my first post for my new online shop. We are doing an opening promotion. Every gaming accessories are on sale with free postage. This G100 HP Gaming Mouse is one of the popular entry level gaming mice with 2000 DPI. Feel free to shop around and also buy other products on my website (https://www.maro.com.au) or my ebay store (https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/maroonline/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1...)

HP G100 Gaming Mouse
* Size : 122(L)×62.5(W)×39.3(H)±0.5mm
* 190 sensor
* 800 -1200-2000 DPI adjustable
* up to 5million times key life
* Logo and scroll wheel come with shinning blue LED

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    HP G100 Wired Gaming Mouse (Black / White) $27

    Normal price, $30

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    Just googled it, this crap only selling at USD $12, You must have a grand opening party to convince ppl buying this….

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      As a local retailer, I honestly cannot compete the price with the shops all over the world. Similar to those big retail shops, they only offer price match with local retail stores. The USD12 one seems to be from Cambodia without postage option. I hope the free postage in my shop can convince some people.


    Do you only sell keyboard mouse and headset??🤔

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    Hi OP, all the best with your new venture.

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    Some advice..
    Get in touch with Artisan mouse pads in Japan and stock them .

    Contact G Wolves in China and stock their mouse's at a decent price.. they make X ray pads I think also.

    Look at Reddit r/mousereviews and r/mousepadreviews

    Australia has a shortage of the true gaming products


      Why G wolves specifically they just seem like a copy of final mouse / glorious nodel O and also the mm710 whats so special about them besides their high price in aus.

      Asking this question because im looking for a new mouse and ppl keep talking about this brand but with zero reasoning seems like sheep logic so far.

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      Thanks for the tips. Will do some research on it. I really need this professional advice.

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