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[PC] Steam - The Witcher 3 $18, GOTY $23.69


A few dollars more than the recent GOG deal but worth it I think to not have to download a whole new launcher.

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    So let me get this straight, not having to download a free launcher that takes up one icon of space on a display is worth buying games at a higher price and protesting game releases?
    That's the PC logic?

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      Welcome to the "master" race

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      To be fair, having 4 or 5 launchers is a pain in the ass.

      I don't like the idea of 1 launcher having a monopoly (steam..) and a bit of competition is healthy, but I can see how it'd be annoying when 90% of your games are in 1 launcher and the rest scattered around 5 different ones. E.g. friends, all on one launcher so you have to add them each time you want to play with them on a new one.

      Also, one less piece of bloat for the PC really, many of these launchers launch on startup (by default), I don't need that crap running on my PC.

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        I guess for GOG you don't even need the launcher anyhow, you can just download it directly and install it, and then add it to your steam library.

        I do hate buying games across multiple services, but GOG is the only one that makes it easy.

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        FYI, the newest GOG (beta) launcher allows you to launch games from Steam, Uplay, Epic and a couple of others.

        I have to test further to see if it means I can uninstall all other launchers but GOG always gets my vote.

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          I don't think it'll let you. Those other launchers enforce DRM, which is why you have to log in to them to play your games.

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          Can't uninstall the other launchers. Galaxy 2.0 still has to launch steam, origin etc when you want to play the game. Just means you can remove all the other launcher icons and clean up your desktop. I don't have any of the icons on my desktop anymore, just have Galaxy open on startup.

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          To add to the other comments previously mentioned, the new GOG Launcher would run the other launchers and then terminate them once you exit your game. The only thing that I don't know is that you wouldn't be able to run background updates for games that are regularly patched like esports titles.

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        As mangobango says NO LAUNCHER is needed so technically the OP's statement is pretty misleading.
        Plus DRM-free is always better than being tied to any DRM system.

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      If you read the TOS you're basically agreeing to another customer data mine.

      I already had to agree to that once, against my better judgement, in order to play online with friends in other games. I dont want to have to agree to another.

      Also, other launchers are BALLS in linux.

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      Paying an extra $1.71 to consolidate a game into one launcher (Steam) is worth it imo!

      (Steam deal $23.69 vs the last GOG deal for $21.98)

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      Yeah makes no sense. Don't need a launcher for GOG games. It's a DRM free games shop.

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    What advantages does this have over say, the series on Netflix? Which I can also afford.

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      The game tells a story better than the series as there is a heap more interaction and dialogue.
      It's not really fair to compare them, but If I could only get one I'd definitely pick the game.

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      +1 as the neggers didn't seem to get your Simpsons reference 😝

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      lol Simpsons.

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      Trish Merigold looks much better in the games than the Netflix version

    • -9 votes

      Having "people of color" in EUROPEAN MEDIEVAL POLAND is absolute bollocks, I can't watch that show.

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        Yeah! Keep our witches and mutant people WHITE like they were in REAL LIFE


        Yeah, 'cause wild hunt's characters look Polish.

        CD Projekt Red could make their characters look Polish, as they are all animated. From googling, most look western European.

        This is product made to make money.

        You want your characters to be relatable to your audience to drive engagement and further spending. If you are targeting western Europeans, that's what you make your game's main characters look like. The movie is targeting a more diverse audience, so it has more ethnicity's represented.

        That and hiring based on race over talent is stupidly illegal in most countries.


        So you have an issue with what language they're speaking too?


        Hi Blue Cat. It's the only SJW thing about the show, otherwise if there's an agenda I'm too dense to see it.

        They didn't give it the Star Wars/Batgirl treatment.

        It's a great show and you'll be better off IMO when you come around to watching it.


      The Netflix series so far is a prequel to the 1st Witcher game. So if you can wait 5 years or so for the series to catch up to Witcher 3 timeline then it shouldn't make a difference

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    Toss a coin to your witcher

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    Get the Xbox version for hdr.

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    anyone reading this get the GOTY Edition, the 2 expansions alone is nearly 50% of the games total content and are really good.

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    if you use a vpn to russian IP get around geo block game is a lot cheaper than post is listing game for .. around $7 usd (on gog )


    FYI, this is also available on Xbox Game Pass, a subscription that is currently available to try out for $1.


    I think this deal has expired, when clicking the link I get:
    *$59.99 - The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt
    *$78.99 - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition

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